Ten Doubts About Podiatry Transcription You Should Clarify

April 21, 2020

What is Podiatry and who is a podiatrist?

Podiatry is a medical science dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of the ailments arising in the ankle, foot, and legs. A doctor who specializes in podiatric medical training is called a podiatrist. The work performed by a podiatrist includes diagnosing the problems, suggesting the medicines, and performing surgery if required, to treat the ailing leg of the patient. Sometimes, a podiatrist is approached by the patient for psychological consultation so that they can overcome their disorder on time. 

As we know the importance of transcription services in the medical industry, we can not deny the fact that a podiatrist has to maintain his/her medical treatment log like other medical practitioners. This medical treatment log will help them in understanding and will keep them updated about the condition of their patient. These transcription documents are highly important and relevant during the health insurance claims. At the same time, they should be accurate and updated regularly.

What is a Podiatric transcription?

When all the important documents, audio, and video regarding ailing legs of the patients are translated in other foreign languages or accompanied by subtitles, it is called podiatric transcription.

Here are 10 doubts about podiatric transcription that you should clarify to your client as a podiatrist:

1. Reduction in data entry cost– Regular in-house podiatrist of the hospital will demand continuous salary and other benefits. But as an outsourcer, you will demand payment only for the work done. 

Outsourcing podiatric transcription services will provide error-free results while saving costs for the healthcare organization.

2. Will the medical records of the patient stay accurate and consistent? 

You should be able to convince the healthcare organization for whom you are going to work that you will be able to generate the most accurate and reliable documents. However, the doctor should have not made any errors in the preparation of the report of the patient originally.

3. Will it save time? 

Certainly, hiring a podiatrist will save time and generate greater revenue. Apart from this, the doctors will be able to diagnose more patients as they need not worry about the transcription part. Hence, greater revenues will be generated.

4. You will speak clearly- Sometimes, there will be difficult words in the documents prepared by the doctors. As a podiatric transcriptionist, you will have to be extra careful when using such medical terms. 

5. Quality Assurance is mandatory- Make sure that you offer the best quality to your client. Quality of the transcription services should not be compromised at any cost as it will pose a greater risk to the safety of the patient. Compromise on the quality will also hamper the process of patient care.

6. Are you qualified enough? Most of the clients are doubtful about the qualifications of the medical transcriptionist. You should be able to convince them that your team is qualified enough to understand different accents and dictators. Consider giving a sample or a trail to your client as a test when they are making a selection. This will help them in creating trust in your services.

7. Quality standards are followed- Make sure that your company and all your partners follow the basic quality standards and guidelines. Let your client learn about the quality measures and guarantees that you follow.

Also, try to give regular feedback to the client. This will help in ensuring that you keep up to their quality expectations.

8. How to solve poor recognition– Most of the members of this profession are doing a disservice. Instead of just going in for a monopoly, they should work on promoting their work and encourage other transcription providers as well.

People should be told more about the work that is done by the podiatry profession.

9. Is it flexible? Suppose your client is out of office, then how he/she will be able to get the services. These days most of the transcriptionists have enabled mobile dictation apps which can be effectively used by the clients to reach out faster. 

Digital transcription tools have become the new trend for the podiatric transcriptionist. You need to explain to the client that you will be catering to their needs at a much faster pace now.

10. Will the data files, documents, and recordings stay private? One should always ensure that the files and data of the client should be kept confidential and secure. From the sign-in process to the final result, your client data should be kept safe and secure.

You need to assure your clients that their data, information, documents, and recordings are all safe with you.

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