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    Pediatrics Transcription

    Pediatrics Transcription Services

    Eyered offers pediatricians, pediatric clinics, hospitals and research centers accurate transcription of their oral notes into error free computerized records. Pediatrics Transcription of medical history of young patients, emergency room procedure notes, clinic notes, consultation notes, laboratory reports and x-ray reports as well as hospital records and discharge summaries are carried out accurately and quickly.
    The reports are checked by qualified pediatricians in India before being sent as encrypted email files to the client in the United States. Most ailments of young children are acute and because of the time difference between the two countries, the HIPAA Compliant, Pediatrics Transcription files we send are as good as STAT. Ask for a free seven day trial today.
    We at Eyered transcription understand that Pediatricians are often in need of quick transcription solutions, therefore we have a team of highly efficient medical transcriptionist assigned to each physician and who are available round the clock to receive medical dictations from Pediatricians. Our team is quick at transcribing pediatrics medical records and dispensing them to clients as early as possible. At Eyered we offer transcription solutions for all kinds of pediatric specialty fields such as immunology, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, sports medicine, allergy, nephrology, infectious diseases, endocrinology, anesthesiology and general academic pediatrics. Our services are HIPAA compliant and the pediatrics transcription files we deliver are as good as STAT.Children’s medical reports are required to be precise and error-free; hence we ensure that pediatrics transcription reports are checked by qualified pediatricians before being delivered to clients as encrypted email files. We at Eyered transcription undertake pediatric transcription from pediatricians, pediatric clinics, research centers and hospitals. We offer accurate and quick transcription of all kinds of oral and recorded notes into computerized records. Pediatrics transcription of medical history of children, consultation notes, clinic notes, x-ray reports, laboratory reports, emergency room procedure notes, diagnosis reports, operative reports, other hospital records and discharge summaries are carried out quickly and efficiently at Eyered.
    We do not ask for a minimum contract and offer a free seven day trial of our services. For a free trial, you can email us at or call us at 800-427-7036