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Podiatry Transcription Services

You work tirelessly to help people with an essential human need: mobility. Preventing or curing ailments of the legs, ankle and feet allow people to gain back their freedom and lead independent lives. So when medical reports, field notes, examination results and other piles of documentation start to creep up on you, it’s time to hire a professional transcription service.
Eyered podiatry transcription services provide high-quality transcriptions with a quick turnaround time, perfect for the busy doctor or healthcare organization that needs a little organization to their practice.


We’ve been in the medical transcription business for over 15 years, serving satisfied clients in places like North America. But Eyered isn’t just about reaching a wide range of customers. We’re very serious about delivering accurate podiatry transcriptions in a fast, HIPAA compliant manner.
The secret to our success lies in a team of well-versed transcribers and quality assurance professionals. They fuel us to handle a variety of complex medical information and turn it into high-quality transcriptions. Our 99 percent accuracy rate speaks for itself.

Get a Podiatry Transcription Job Started with Ease
The Eyered podiatry transcription process is simple. You collect your data through a voice recorder, smartphone or through our toll-free telephone dictation system. You then send us the file through FTP (file transfer protocol), EMR (electronic medical record) or good old email, whichever works best for you. Our medical and podiatry transcription team will then pick up the files, transcribe them and send to the quality assurance team for proofing. The following day you’ll have the digital text version of your audio recording waiting in your inbox.

Your podiatry practice keeps people moving. We’re here to make sure the business side of things keeps up. Give Eyered’s podiatry transcription services a try today by signing up for a free trial.