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    At Eyered, while delivering our Medical Transcription Services, we believe that the confidentiality of patient/client is of utmost importance. This is the reason that all the client/patient transcription related procedures, voice, and data storage and document management solution delivered by us, conforms or exceeds each and every HIPAA regulations.Given below is a partial list of the rules and regulations that we strictly follow while delivering the medical transcription services:-

    • All the ETS files and directories that are on our workstations are configured in a manner, which makes it impossible to any kind of unauthorized activities such as viewing, deleting, or copying.
    • To prevent any kind of unauthorized use of the data that is kept in our workstations each of them is being protected by security applications and devices. These security features make sure that each and every activity taking place in the workstation is checked and made sure that no data can be transferred or stolen from it.
    • All the documents that is in any way related to the client is sent through protected or private network by encrypting the whole record. To make sure that even if someone is stealing the data, he should not be able to utilize it, we use a minimum of 128-bit encryption.
    • ETS stores each and every patient and client related data/information in specially protected databases. To make sure the security of these databases cannot be breached, we make them accessible only by using secure and encrypted keys.
    • We make sure, that all the hard copies that are related to our clients and patients are safely disposed in shredding machine.
      We carry out all the technical evolutions on a routine basis. This helps us to make sure that all our system, meet or exceed all the specified security requirements.

    For developing HIPAA compliance, we have taken special care and established some of the following:

    • We have developed and established a security policy that protects each and every aspect of the business solution. To make it more effective, we have also integrated the particular solution with our whole business enterprise security.
    • All our workstations are continuously monitored 24x7x365. Such monitoring is done with both real time and automated network intrusion detection tool.
    • All the security products used by us, for virus protection and encryption, are approved, time tested and has been designed and developed by leading organizations.
    • Our employees are subject to all patient privacy rules and regulations. They are also subject to immediate expulsion and will be prosecuted by the law, if found to be violating any rules or regulations.