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Psychiatry Transcription Services

Psychiatry work – as you’re well aware of – is not just about leather couches and long talks with your patients. It’s also about sifting through endless recordings, medical reports, recommendations and piles of background information in order to give a patient the best mental help you can.

But getting all these notes and documents to a state they can be easily stored and accessed is tedious work. Minimize stress and get your practice in order with Eyered’s psychiatry transcription services. We’ll help you organize and make sense of your recorded material by digitizing it.


Clients from the United States have trusted our medical transcription services for more than 15 years. They include individual professionals, businesses, non-governmental organizations and government institutions. And we only employ the best. Our professionals are trained to handle all sorts of transcription work, but particularly in the medical and legal fields.
Let us handle your recorded meetings, conferences, one-on-one sessions, research notes and any other forms of voice material you have – all in a secure and HIPPA compliant manner.
Psychiatry Transcription Made Easy
Getting started is simple. Just capture your recordings via a digital voice recorder, smartphone or even our toll-free dictation system. Once your recording is ready, simply send it to us through file transfer protocol (FTP), electronic medical record (EMR) systems or email.

Our transcriptionists will begin work as soon as they receive your audio files. Once they’re finished transcribing, they’ll hand the work off to our quality control team for any needed corrections or edits. Once everything is done, the transcription will be sent back to you. The whole process takes just 12 hours.

Let Eyered handle your psychiatry transcription so you can concentrate on your career.