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    About Us

    Eyered’s success story has been built on a combination of unmatched experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence. Twenty years of rich experience in medical transcription gives us a clear edge in the industry. Our network of cutting-edge transcription facilities have state-of-the- art secure infrastructure. We deliver consistent results, thanks to a team of 250+ highly skilled medical transcriptionists and quality analysts.

    A 99%+ accuracy rate, quick turnaround time, and cost-effectiveness have put us at the forefront of medical transcription services. We ensure security compliance and the utmost diligence with regard to maintaining security and confidentiality of sensitive health information. Our highly trained transcriptionists specialize in a wide range of medical specialties while we offer multiple, convenient dictation options. Our transcriptions are performed in-house, which means quality and confidentiality of PHI are a given.

    We currently serve more than 185 healthcare organizations across the world, all of whom have experienced tangible benefits in terms of enhanced efficiency and timely medical documentation that help improve patient care quality.

    Our Mission
    At Eyered Transcription Services, our sole mission is to provide the highest quality of medical transcription services with the quickest turnaround time and 99%+ accuracy. We strive for and achieve perfection in offering fast, affordable, and secure medical transcriptions.

    A strong system of ethics, integrity, confidentiality, and compliance guide all our actions. Our client-centric approach ensures we understand each of our clients’ unique needs and provide custom services that exceed their expectations. Our rapidly growing client base is testimony to our commitment to achieve customer service excellence.

    Our Infracture

    State-of-the-art infrastructure backed by a specialized team of more than 250 transcriptionists and editors is one of our core strengths. Eyered’s transcription facilities that are spread across India have strong security systems in place. Our computers, servers, and files are protected with encryption, while we train our staff on PHI and HIPAA regulations on an ongoing basis.

    Our Team

    Our best-in-class team of medical transcriptionists, quality analysts, and editors has ensured that we continue to be leaders in the industry. Our highly experienced, dedicated, and trained team of certified medical transcriptionists and expert IT technologists help us put the best foot forward, every time.

    With expertise spanning a broad range of specialties and subspecialties, our skilled Medical Transcriptionists are well-versed with each client’s dictation style and transcription formats. This has made it possible for Eyered to go beyond the ordinary and provide exceptional, customized medical transcription services.