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Ophthalmology Transcription Services

Ophthalmology transcription is a very popular medical transcription service sought by several hospitals, clinics and ophthalmologists. Engaging professional medical transcription providers has many advantages as it allows safe and proper documentation of patient data and other necessary information.


Eyered offers accurate, reasonably priced and quick ophthalmology transcription service as one of their many medical transcription services. Our HIPAA Compliant services are popular with many hospitals, medical clinics and medical practitioners, including ophthalmologists in America. Our transcriptionists are well trained in ophthalmology transcription and subspecialties. They are familiar with terminologies specific to ophthalmology with an accuracy rate of 99 percent.
We have a well-developed infrastructure and quick turnaround time of 12 hours. Once done transcribing the files, our transcriptionists send it to local ophthalmologist who edits, proof reads and checks for medical accuracy. All files are then sent in encrypted format to maintain confidentiality and accuracy of the documents.
Easy & cost effective start
The decision to let a third party deal with confidential patient data is not an easy one. However, our quality and cost effective service in ophthalmology transcription can help you ease with that decision.
Use our multiple diction option to send patients’ medical history, surgical notes and diagnostic test results and receive transcribed files in desired format. We have more than 300 professional medical transcriptionists who approximately decode 2.5 million lines per month. We do not ask for a minimum contract and offer a seven day free trial to enable you to assess our services. For a free trial, you can email us at or call us at 800-427-7036