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    From Medical Dictation to Secure and Accurate Medical Transcriptions, the Medical Transcriptionists at Eyered Provide World-Class Service.

    From medical dictation to secure and accurate medical transcription to be delivered to the client, the medical transcriptionists at Eyered are committed to keeping a tight watch on every step of the process. We ensure that every medical transcriptionist employed with us has the skills and knowledge to provide the best quality services to our clients. We follow a simple six-step process that makes life very easy for our clients.

    Every Medical Transcriptionist with Eyered is Highly Qualified, Experienced, and Dedicated to Providing the Best Results.

    1. Medical Dictation: Choose from one of our three medical dictation options:

    – Record dictations on a hand-held digital recorder, upload to a computer and securely transfer to our server.

    – Access Eyered’s phone-in toll-free dictation facility from anywhere using a cell phone or landline. Clients can use their PIN and Account Number to record dictations at any time. This facility has a charge of 1.5 cents per line.
    – Buy our app and record directly to your smart device.

    2. Secure Transfer: The confidentiality of your patients is our highest priority. All medical dictations are transferred to our servers under the strictest security measures. Our security also extends to data protection, and we are HIPAA-compliant. We also meet a number of international security regulations. We assure you that we safeguard any information you provide us with the most updated security software. We do all our medical transcriptions in-house, and every medical transcriptionist working on your dictation is a verified employee of Eyered. With no outsourcing to a third-party whatsoever, we guarantee that your recordings do not go beyond the confines of our secure systems. All our medical dictation options give our clients the flexibility to make recordings at any place and at any time.

    3. Transcription: Once we receive your medical dictation, we get started on the transcription process at the earliest. Every medical transcriptionist on our team is highly qualified and familiar with the right medical terms. Provided that the quality of the dictation is reasonably good, we can guarantee you 99%+ accuracy with the transcription.

    4. Quality Control:When the medical transcriptionist is done transcribing your medical dictation, the transcript gets passed on to our diligent Quality Control team. Every document is checked for errors, and any required corrections are made before the transcription passes our stringent quality checks. Between the medical transcriptionist and quality control, the finished product is of the highest standard.

    5. Saved on Secure Server/EMR/EHR: When a medical transcription is ready, it gets stored on our secure server or uploaded to your EMR/EHR per your requirements. No data goes beyond these confines in any shape or form. All records remain completely confidential and safe from security threats.

    6. Delivered to Provider: The final stage of the process is where we deliver the medical transcription back to you. The transcription can be emailed as an MS Word Document, downloaded from our secure server or directly uploaded to your EMR/EHR.