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Geriatrics Transcription Services

Geriatrician and individual physicians seek geriatrics transcription service to streamline patient data and improve service of their health care facility. Geriatrics care is a very specialized treatment program that is quite different from adult treatment specialties. It involves the management and treatment of varied types of health concerns that are synonymous with ageing. A geriatrics treatment program covers the assessment of mental health condition of the elderly to the management of vital health parameters such as diabetes, blood pressure, bone health and heart in order to improve quality of life and prevent the onset of life threatening diseases.


Our experience of over 15 years has allowed us to develop technically sound and accurate medical transcription services that has served more than 175 healthcare organizations across various locations. We have a team of highly skilled transcriptionists who are familiar with different components of geriatrics transcription. They are familiar with medical terminologies as well as other sub-specialties of geriatrics such as mental health, neurology, orthopedics, nephrology, urology, rheumatology, senior care etc.
Accuracy is quick turnaround time is also integral component of our medical transcription service. We have a track record of 99 % accuracy. Our team of geriatrics transcriptionist’s can deliver transcribed files overnight. All files are sent in encrypted format which is edited and proof read by experts
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At Eyered, we urge all our clients to try free trial of our service. This will help you analyze our service and help you take an informed decision. Our pricing for geriatrics transcription is very reasonable that can help you minimize operational cost of your health facility by 30 to 40 %.