September 7, 2020

Why You Need An Expert Of Urology Transcription Service Over Regular Medical Transcriptionist?

Urology is a branch of medicine that consists of diagnosis and managing disease and disorders of the male and female urinary system and male reproductive organ. The specialist who deals in this field is known as Urologist. A urologist is supposed to have a fine knowledge of internal medicine, nephrology, and oncology. Being entrusted with a large number of patients in this field physicians and health care organizations are in constant look for reliable urology transcription service providers for documenting their patients’ reports proficiently.

Eyered transcription service for urology is one of the leaders in this field with 20+ years of experience. Our team of transcriptionists knows the specific medical terminology connected with urology which facilitates easy and accurate transcription.

Urology is a wide-ranging field that includes surgical and non-surgical procedures like nephrology, gynecology, oncology, and internal medicine. Urology

transcriptionists are required to be trained in medical terminology related to transcription service that covers the following:

●Patients history report
●Physical reports
●Independent medical evaluation by a physician
●Discharge summary report
●Clinical notes connected with patients
●Consultation report
●Hospital progress notes
●Treatment procedural notes
●Procedure and follow-up notes
●Lab reports
●ER reports and many other reports connected to the patient

Reasons that call for availing reputed Urology transcription service are:

1.HIPPA compliant
Our transcriptionists have undergone proper training, and thus are capable of producing the transcription which is 100 percent HIPPA compliant.

2.Fast T-A-T
We are focused to provide you with accurate transcription solutions in a mutually agreed timeframe. Urology reports documentation can be performed in a fast and accurate manner when delegated to professionals who do emphasis on proper transcription tasks.

3.Secure File Transfer
We have a secure file transfer option open for you. It could be in the form of FTP, Email, or EMR/EHR.

4.Quality Check
The work is done by our professional transcriptionist also passes through a quality check. The work after transcription is over is rechecked for quality audits by proofreaders, medical editors, and other specialists.

5.Reasonable price
If you try to build an in-house team for transcription you will find it costly as you need to put effort and money for staff training and infrastructure. Rather outsource the work to a professional transcription service provider who works at a very reasonable price for you.

6.Quality time for your patients
Physicians and doctors are meant for taking care of patients’ health and not for the transcription paperwork. So you will be able to provide quality time to your patient by hiring a transcription service.

7.Easy payment option
As mutually agreed the transcription service will raise the invoice for a month with necessary details, which is easily payable via PayPal, bank transfer, or credit card.

Urology transcriptionists follow certain norms in their process that deliver results like the client sends reports through the FTP server. Transcriptionist studies the detail and transcribes them into electronic text format which is error-free and can do proper usage of full stops and commas. Then the work is audited by the experts and proofreaders which eliminates even the small mistake or error if any. The final document is sent back to the client’s FTP server.

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September 7, 2020

How Voice Transcription Service can make your Medical Practices More Efficient

Voice transcription technology has come a long way and is used for a variety of different applications. However, the healthcare industry is one of the few industries that rely heavily on voice transcription service. The main reason behind this is that it needs documenting the data pertaining to patients which is crucial for their medical organization. There is one such medical transcription provide – Eyered Transcription which not only provides one of the best services but the accuracy they maintain is by far the best.

There are many benefits of voice recognition software in a healthcare organization, including financial advantages. But documenting the information is not the only sole purpose of medical voice recognition software. The particular voice document has to be produced in a way that it can be used by a medical organization for many other uses such as quality assurance, medical reviews, and billing.

Let’s take a look at how the voice transcription is changing the healthcare industry.

1.Voice data can be reused
The main benefit of using voice recognition technology is that voice data can be reused as many times as one desires. This gives the chance for a better translation, accuracy, and immediate availability of correct data for billing purposes is delivered.

Another crucial benefit of voice recognition technology is that it’s flexible. It can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time across the globe. You are not required to rely on a single interface or device to access. With the growing use of cloud technology, health care practitioners can share their valuable data and information easily across using a plethora of devices and platforms. Also, health document products have more accuracy.

3.Increases productivity
Electronic medical records (EMR) have been implemented in most of the healthcare organizations, while some think that EMRs decrease the productivity of physicians. But through studies and research, it is found that voice recognition is helping in enhancing the productivity of practitioners. As physicians who document using voice transcription service are able to attend more patients, thereby raising billing for extra hours.

4.Accuracy and fast work
Before the use of voice transcription technology physicians used to rely on transcriptionists who were slow, inaccurate, and also there used to be a high possibility of human error. But with Voice transcription, physicians do not have to wait; they just can document patient’s data themselves and do recording conveniently on their mobile, laptop, or workstation. Quickly the file recorded can be sent to the concerned person.

5.Fast reimbursement
For reimbursement perspective, the closer organization is between delivery-of-care and recording-of-care the more accurate the information is. This results in fewer challenges that may arise from an audit as the clinical documentation matches perfectly.

A transcriptionist handles the conversion of data, and effectively reduces mistakes and errors. Additionally, a human transcriber is fully capable of adding pauses, full stops and corrections are based on context, which is more beneficial. Medical Speech recognition software is accurate and physicians can conveniently make necessary changes in a document, sign it and send to the concerned person. It eliminates the need for extra people. Now you have seen the benefits of speech recognition technology in your practice today.

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July 31, 2020

Where do I get the best orthopaedic transcription?

Orthopaedic is the branch of medical science that deals in the deformities related to the joint and spine. It is a highly specialized field as it affects the movements of the individuals. The orthopaedic surgeons need expert orthopaedic Medical transcription services who can understand the language and requirements of the field.

The healthcare providers are often loaded with the task of recording the medical findings, treatments, reports, patient history etc. This can take a lot of precious time which could otherwise have been spent on treating the patients. The orthopaedic treatments and surgeries are quite complicated and time-consuming.

With the transcription services, the clinicians can give more time to the patients and treat more patients without having to worry about recording the findings.

When I was looking for an expert orthopaedic transcription service, I tried a lot of them and found Eyered to be the best one of them. Often the transcription companies lack accuracy, commitment and efficiency. They are not very quick which poses a challenge in the medical field. However, working with Eyered was exceptionally good because of the quality of services offered by them.

  • Accuracy: At Eyered, the maximum focus is given on the accuracy of the content being provided. They understand that the medical documents are crucial and even a small mistake can cost the patient his life. Their accuracy level is 99%+ which is best in the industry.
  • Cost-effective: Eyered is affordable. They charge 7 cents per line which is very cost-effective.
  • 12-hour turnaround time: Eyered provides quick service. Once the audio files are mailed to them, they provide the written document within 12 hours which is quite quick and efficient.
  • HIPAA compliant: The reports and records provided by Eyered are compliant to HIPAA which makes filing the documents easy. It can further save the time and efforts of the clinicians.
  • Security: It is important to maintain security while transferring the audio files and the written reports so that no information is lost in between. Eyered provides a completely safe and secure environment to ensure complete security.

If you are on the lookout for the best Orthopaedic Medical transcription services, then you should take the trial, see the features and then select the best one. Eyered also provides a 7-day free trial to all its clients. It is very easy to get services from Eyered. You can simply record using a digital voice recorder, toll-free number or through your smartphone and send it over via an email. The written records are then provided to the clinicians. They are most effective in the industry.

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July 27, 2020

Benefits of Outsourcing a Medical Dictation Services During COVID-19

The country today is dealing with public health emergency due to the spread of the pandemic- Covid 19. It has taken the medical world by a storm and increased the workload for the medical staff. The hospitals are flooded with patients and maintaining the medical records of every patient is difficult. However, with effective medical dictation services, medical practitioners can ease up their work.

What are the medical dictation services?

Medical dictation services or transcription involves recording the important patient data including the medical history, reports, diagnosis and treatment into voice recorders and transferring them to the experts to get them transformed into written notes. It saves considerable time and efforts of the clinicians. The hospitals can either keep a separate staff member for the work or simply outsource the task to professionals.

Benefits of outsourcing during COVID-19

Outsourcing the dictation work is a better option as it offers many benefits as compared to recording the data yourself or keeping a regular staff member for the same. Some of the benefits of outsourcing the medical dictation services during the tough time of COVID-19 are:

  1. Quality: The doctors are already overburdened with an increased number of patients. In such a situation, if they will have to work on the record maintaining as well, then the quality of treatment provided to the patients will deteriorate. With outsourcing, the medical staff can easily concentrate on treating more patients and providing quality treatment.
  2. Cost: By outsourcing the dictation services, the clinicians can reduce the costs considerably. They won’t have to pay additional salary in the time of the cash crunch. The service providers mostly charge only according to the work and there are no fixed costs.
  3. Reduced workforce: With the social distancing norms, the organisations are advised to keep fewer staff members. In such times, the organisations can follow the guidelines by keeping the staff minimum and outsourcing all the other services.
  4. On-time delivery: Due to the increased workload, the clinicians and in-house staff might not be able to deliver the transcribed documents promptly. However, the experts providing medical dictation services can deliver the documents within the stipulated time. This helps to ensure an efficient revenue cycle and quick reimbursements from the insurance companies.

Outsourcing medical dictation services can considerably reduce the burden of medical service providers by enabling them to focus on other important issues. No matter if the work is too much or too less, the medical service providers can keep up with the pace of the work by outsourcing the dictation services to experts. There is no unnecessary worry about hiring new staff for additional work.

Eyered transcription is the leading medical dictation service provider. It has a team of experts who can handle the bulk of data during this tough situation of COVID-19 pandemic. The experts are equipped to work efficiently and offer a 12 hour turnaround time. The services are highly affordable and are priced at just 7 cents per line. Eyered offers the best outsourcing option with complete security and accuracy.

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July 23, 2020

Medical Transcription Services to your Door Steps at Most Reasonable Prices

After having a long day of seeing patients at work, transcribing exam notes is a herculean task for a medical practitioner or a doctor. But it is a very essential part of running a hospital or a clinic. Getting to do medical transcription from home is imperative as the services of a medical transcriptionist become smooth and efficient for your medical clinic or hospital. Medical transcription is an indispensable part of health practice.

If you are a multi-specialty clinic or a hospital struggling to handle a huge load of transcription volume, then it is best for your healthcare organisation to outsource the medical transcription services. An experienced medical transcription service provider will submit the transcribed reports into your system for easy access. It is the most cost-effective way to get your patient history transcribed.

Why outsource medical transcription services?

Initially, it is best to outsource these transcription services to a company that has experienced professionals working in this medical field. They will have the knowledge and expertise to offer the best services at the most reasonable rates at your doorstep.

The flexible solutions offered to multi-specialty clinics, hospitals, healthcare institutions, and physician practices are offered with global delivery. 99 percent accuracy rate, 24/7 customer care availability, and competitive pricing are the key features that make the outsourcing of medical transcription services all the more attractive.

Benefits of medical transcription services for a healthcare organization-

In addition to this, let us highlight why medical transcription services are beneficial for your healthcare organization:

●24-hour turnaround- 24-hour turn around helps you in focusing on timely bill payments and patient authorizations.

●Dictation options- Medical transcription service providers offer many dictation options. You can use a hand-held device or a phone line to dictate your medical information to be transcribed.

●Electronic health records- EHR facility will help your organization is accessing the patient’s electronic reports as and when required and there will be a lesser delay in claiming insurance.

●No additional or hidden costs- You can start your dictations today with no hidden charges. You will be charged only for the medical dictations that you make and nothing else. You pay only when you ask for the services.

●Smooth storage of reports- Most of the medical transcription companies store your reports for a long period of time as per your request.

●No long-term contracts- Generally, a long-term contract is not required. You can avail of the services as and when you need them. There is no binding with long-term contracts. You can refrain from making any commitments.

●Affordable services- The medical transcription services are available at a very low cost.

What to look for in a medical transcription service provider?

●The turnaround time should be less than a business day.
●The transcriptionist should be a highly reliable, cost-effective, dedicated, and accurate professional.
●The medical transcription service provider should comply with HIPAA rules and regulations
●The work produced should be accurate and complete.
●Economical pricing along with a proven track record should be a must

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