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March 27, 2020

How to Have An Accurate Orthopedic Transcription With Minimal Spending

Entailed with treatments and managing the acute conditions of the patients, orthopedic practitioners/doctors/surgeons are always occupied with a lot of work. This lays a strong emphasis on the constant recording and tracking of the crucial data of the patient’s information and treatment. Orthopedic medical practitioners consistently need reliable and accurate services of medical transcription companies for meeting the cumbersome documentation challenges of the patient reports.

Why is orthopedic transcription considered important for any medical industry?

For efficiently and accurately transcribing the orthopedic reports, a clear understanding of the orthopedic terminology and procedures is required by the specialists. The stream of orthopedics is considered to be one of the busiest in the medical industry, serving both the regular, as well as, trauma cases. If there is any emergency case, it is expected that the performance of the procedures will be prompt and subsequently the medical reports will be documented accurately. Further, the treatment follow-up has to be quick. This necessitates the importance of the services of experienced and qualified orthopedic transcriptionists.

A reliable and accurate orthopedic transcription should be able to help the doctors/ surgeons in generating the most accurate and efficient medical reports.

Outsource your orthopedic transcription services -Saves money

There is no doubt about it that the orthopedic medical transcription services have proven to be a great asset for the medical practitioners/physicians. You can always get the transcription done either in-house or get it outsourced. 

One of the major advantages of outsourcing the medical transcription services is that you pay only for the services that your organization needs. 

Most of the reputable medical orthopedic transcription businesses offer highly reasonable transcription rates. Usually, these rates would cost you a much lower price than opting for an in-house transcriptionist. This is because outsourcing will enable your organization to eliminate the need for training, administrative, and HR costs- additionally you also get to save on maintenance and equipment outlays.

No purchasing of new Equipment

If you outsource your transcription needs, you need not purchase transcription equipment such as dictation systems, computers, keyboards, and headsets. Purchasing new equipment will no longer remain a burden on you. In addition to this, it will also help you in getting rid of the expenditures on hardware or transcription software maintenance and ongoing software subscription costs.

No additional cost involving HR functions

Further, Human resource management functions such as recruitment, selection, conduction of interviews, and payroll can demand a substantial commitment to investment. When it comes to an industry having a high-attrition rate like that of transcription services, the associated costs of these HRM functions can be quite cumbersome for the healthcare provider/business. This means when you outsource your orthopedic transcription services, it will keep a check on your hiring, administrative responsibilities, and payroll processing requirements. You would just need a fairly intensive staff to meet your other needs and you can leave the HR function for the outsourcing company to take care of it.

No related training and administration responsibilities and costs

Another aspect that poses additional costs due to the in-house transcription team is the staff and administration training costs. This also includes line managers, extra time, resources and funds. 

In medical business with multiple specialties, you will need to hire an in-house transcriptionist who is well-versed with those particular varied specialties and technical jargon. So, utilizing the services of an outsourcing company will also mean that you will be able to enjoy the most accurate, reliable, efficient standards and services without incurring any ongoing costs of recruiting and maintaining your own in-house team. The services of an orthopedic transcription outsourcing company will usually cost you a fraction of what you will be paying to your full-time staff members. 

Qualities required in third-party transcription solutions

So, you can get the orthopedic transcription services at the most minimal cost. For obtaining reliable and timely services, outsourcing the orthopedic transcription needs to the third-party vendors can prove to be very effective, provided they fulfill the below-mentioned qualities or requirements-

  • Quality and accuracy- The transcription company should take all the essential measures to offer world-class quality and as much accuracy as possible. This can be assured through regular quality checks, inspection, and proofing.
  • Industry-specific experience- For the most accurate and effective orthopedic transcripts, professionals should have a wide range of experience related to orthopedics specialty. Professionals should be able to handle multiple requirements and according to a particular specialty. 
  • Resource and time-saving- The main objective of getting the orthopedic transcription process outsourced is the huge amount of savings on time and effort. The transcription company should be efficient in offering quick services to the medical practitioners that are capable of reducing the costs, as well as, save their time.
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March 20, 2020

Top 7 Common Prejudices About Urology Transcription

The practice of transcription involves transcribing audio recordings of medical practitioners into written form to file the past and present medical situation of the patients. These days the HIPAA compliances have increased and all the medical practitioners are required to maintain full-fledged and descriptive records of the patients’ treatment and history which takes a lot of time and effort. The burden with the Urology department is fast increasing because of the increasing work pressure due to several diseases and the doctors can no more devote their precious time in filing and recording. For this purpose either the hospitals need to keep separate staff for transcribing the doctor’s notes or they can outsource this facility to a team of experts who can do all this in a cost-efficient and effective manner. 

However, many medical practitioners are not very comfortable with handing over the transcription work of the urology department to someone else because of several prejudices that still exist in the minds of the medical service providers. Top 7 common prejudices about the Urology Transcription are:

1. The transcription services are very expensive

Many medical providers think that the transcription services are very expensive and this will unnecessarily increase the cost of the medical service providers. However, this is not at all true. The services are highly affordable and they can considerably decrease the cost. You need not pay any fixed expenses for the same. Companies like Eyered offer the service for as low as 7 cents per line with no extra hidden charges. 

2. The transcription services are not safe

This is again a very major myth. The transcription services are very safe and all necessary steps are taken to ensure the safety of data. All the notes are transferred to the transcribers through proper closed channels which cannot be hacked easily. Strict security measures are being implemented by the companies to safeguard the information. 

3. The transcription services are not HIPAA compliant

This is a prejudice that most companies have about the transcription providers which is completely incorrect. There are transcription providers who work in the manner specified by HIPAA and follow all the guidelines given by them. Medical urology providers must make sure to avail of the services from those companies only which work in a HIPAA compliant manner. 

4. The recording of the information is a difficult thing

It is not at all difficult to record the medical notes for the urologists. With advanced technology, it has become much easier to record all the data. The recording can be done through Smartphone apps, on digital recorders, and through the phone. This ensures that you have enough options to record the necessary information at all times. 

5. Cannot rely on the reports made by transcribers

The transcribers are experts and knowledgeable people. They have complete knowledge about the work they are doing and they are well aware of all the medical terms and terminologies. Through their expertise and experience, they can do the work in a very efficient manner without any mistakes. Eyered LLC provides 99%+ accuracy for all the urology transcriptions. The reports are made in the EMR/EHR pattern and are transmitted through secure servers only. 

6. Stressful to deal with the outsiders

There is a common myth that dealing with outsiders for your internal requirements of making the reports is a difficult thing. It is difficult to avail of the services round the clock and there will be delays as constant reminders about the work will have to be sent. However these days the Urology transcription service is highly efficient. Eyered LLC has a turnover of 12 hours and all the transcriptions are provided timely. They provide a stress-free experience through their superior services. 

7. How do I believe in the urology transcription services? 

Many people don’t have trust in the efficiency of the services of the urology transcribers. For them, it is best to try the services themselves first and experience it to see the benefits it can offer. Eyered offers a 7-day free trial so that the medical practitioners can completely experience the services before availing them. 

Thus we can say that these are just the prejudices in the minds of the people and the best way to clear them is to try the service and see the potential benefits which you can gain from them. Urology transcription makes the work of Urologists easy and instead of wasting their time on recording every aspect of the patient history and making the reports, they can easily concentrate on treating more patients and spend more time with them to understand their problem. They can increase their revenue by treating more patients and avoid wastage of time, efforts and money on transcription which can be easily done by someone else.

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March 5, 2020

How Dermatology Transcription helps you increase your revenue?

Why are transcription services required?

Transcription services are becoming very popular these days with more and more medical practitioners going for this service to ease out their work and concentrate on treating the patients. The Medical providers and practitioners need to maintain a wide range of documents which include the patient history, diagnosis, laboratory summary and results, consultation notes, test reports, discharge summary, discharge reports, etc. All this requires a lot of documenting and accuracy.

To ease out the work and save the time of doctors and nurses, the transcription services can be availed from a third party. A reliable transcription firm like Eyered can provide adequate support to the medical practitioners by doing the entire work of documenting with maximum accuracy and security. The documenting these days has increased as all the records are to be submitted to the insurance company for a quick refund of the services offered. With the dermatology transcription services, the dermatologists can quickly record the notes and send them to the transcription company which converts the audios into written form in the required format. 

All this requires a lot of documenting and accuracy. To ease out the work and save the time of doctors and nurses, the transcription services can be availed from a third party. A reliable transcription firm like Eyered can provide adequate support to the medical practitioners by doing the entire work of documenting with maximum accuracy and security. The documenting these days has increased as all the records are to be submitted to the insurance company for a quick refund of the services offered. With the dermatology transcription services, the dermatologists can quickly record the notes and send them to the transcription company which converts the audios into written form in the required format. 

To ease out the work and save the time of doctors and nurses, the transcription services can be availed from a third party. A reliable transcription firm like Eyered can provide adequate support to the medical practitioners by doing the entire work of documenting with maximum accuracy and security.

The documenting these days has increased as all the records are to be submitted to the insurance company for a quick refund of the services offered. With the dermatology transcription services, the dermatologists can quickly record the notes and send them to the transcription company which converts the audios into written form in the required format. 

How can transcription services increase revenue?

Transcription services don’t just ease the work of the doctors and nurses rather it helps them save a lot of money and increases the revenue considerably. 

1. Focus on core business activities

By outsourcing the transcription services, the dermatologists can focus on treating the patients and they need not waste any time on documenting the reports. They can actually treat more patients and give more care and time to the patients instead of spending that time on noting everything down. The doctors and nurses can provide better services to patients. 

2. Low investment by the hospitals for additional staff

When the dermatology transcription is given to an outside firm, then the hospital or clinic need not hire any additional staff for transcribing the notes or documenting the reports. Only a well trained and knowledgeable person can perform the work of transcription effectively. With the Dermatology transcription services, the work is done by a team of experts who are trained in the art of transcribing. It lowers down the entire expenses which a firm has to incur on the additional staff. 

3. Speed up reimbursement

The transcription services are mostly HIPAA compliant which ensures that they document all the reports in a compliant manner. This ensures that all the claims of the insurance company can be submitted quickly and efficiently without wasting any time. Quick submission ensures that the reimbursement process is also performed in an efficient manner. 

4. Reduced operating costs 

Since no additional staff member is to be kept for the purpose of transcription, the operating costs reduce considerably. You need not pay an additional salary or provide separate desks and amenities to an additional staff member. 

5. No need to pay when the patients are less

The fixed employee will have to be given the entire salary no matter if the work for a particular time period is less. This is not the case with the transcription services being outsourced to a third party as they are to be paid according to the work. This can increase your costs by reducing expenses. 

6. Professional services

The best part is that the Dermatology transcription service provides professional services that are done by a team of experts. This makes sure that you need not worry about errors. Any error in the medical field can result in payment of huge compensations to the patient which can decrease your revenue by increasing the costs. Highly accurate and professional services ensure timely delivery of documents and reduce the cost considerably by saving you from any kind of loss. 

Transcription services by Eyered

The Dermatology Transcription has proven highly effective in increasing the revenue by saving the time, cost and efforts of the medical professionals. With Eyered transcription services, the Dermatologists can effectively spend more time in treating the patients and cater to more number of patients which can lead to increased revenue. Moreover, it can also reduce the stress of filing work and provide professional services at affordable rates.

The services are completely secure and there is no chance of data leakage during transmission. It provides a variety of ways to record the audio including a digital recorder, toll-free number and a Smartphone app which means you need not incur any additional cost on the infrastructure or technology. There are no hidden charges for the services. So if you are looking out to increase your revenues, you can do so easily with the transcription services from Eyered.

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February 28, 2020

The top transcription software: The perfect transcription solution for the medical industry!

From a generation of clinical documentation of patient records and encounters to regular administrative documents, healthcare organizations generate innumerable notes regularly. The healthcare providers are resorting to voice recognition software to dictate their clinical documentation. However, voice recognition software has its limitations. Accuracy remains a question mark in this software and they require regular proofreading work by the assistants or providers after the completion of the work. 

Although the speech recognition software is constantly improving with the help of new technological advances, the need for a human touch in the medical documents can not be eliminated. 

Most of the healthcare organizations are outsourcing their medical transcription requirements. Healthcare providers are taking the help of medical transcription services. You simply have to upload an audio file to them through various methods, an intelligent and experienced medical transcriptionist will turn your voice into reliable written health notes and records.

The major advantage of these medical transcription services is that it does not need much proofreading as proofreading is an imperative part of the quality assurance process. The accuracy rate of medical transcription software is much higher than the voice recognition software. Moreover, medical software can go beyond the systems to help you in the best possible manner and provide the best of the services.

Do you want to know some of the best picks in the medical transcription industry?

Here is a list of a few medical transcription software that can bring something unique to the table, offering world-class integration with the different workflows and suiting the different practices of any organization. 

1. WebChartMD- It is a cloud-based transcription software designed to assist medical practitioners, clinics and hospitals with clinical dictation and documentation. Some of the key features performed by this software are EHR interface development, billing, issue tracking, patient scheduling, workforce management, and data tracking.

2. ZyDoc SpeechDoc- It is a mobile-based transcription app software for doctors, both small and big, and medical practices with EHR connectivity. This solution offers medical specialties as well as sub-specialties with proper compliant solutions. It is a mobile-based app ideal for Android and iOS which helps the doctors to view their daily schedules, select their jobs and patients and dictate through a smartphone. Further, it helps the doctors and practitioners to ease out their routine procedures by securely transcribing medical dictation. Doctors will be able to set default texts and use customized templates, standard clauses, and documentation by exception to shorten dictation time. It also helps in signing the reports from anywhere in the world with the help of a connected device.

3. PhraseExpander- This software is amazing to use as it is so intuitive. The best part about this software is that if you are facing any small issue (like problems in updating the software), you can simply mail the founder and your issue will be resolved within minutes. It is a perfect software for maintaining medical records, data entry, and medical transcription.

4. Dragon speech recognition- With this software, you can convert speech into text in a simple manner by dictating it into windows-based applications at a speed of 160 words per minute.

5. Sonix- It is an ideal audio and video transcription solution which is enabling the medical practitioners and doctors to organize, transcribe, and search audio and video files. The software is fully automated and can transcribe thirty minutes of audio and video files into three-four minutes. The medical industry can transcribe quickly and in a stress-free manner.

As it is fully automated software, it might not be a hundred percent accurate. Sonix allows easy reviewing and editing of the various transcripts. Further, it facilitates uploading, as well as, importing the audio and video files. The editing process can be simplified by the users as they can speed up or slow down the playback. Sonix allows the exporting of transcripts into many different formats such as text files and Microsoft Word.

6. Intelligent Medical software- It helps in medical scheduling, medical billing, medical lab, medical practice management, medical records, optometry, and medical imaging.

7. Radekal– It is an automatic progress note generation and fully automated electronic health record EHR which is designed to streamline the complex processes of patient recordings.

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February 26, 2020

How to Choose the Right Medical Transcription Company

Medical transcription has become one of the most important aspects of a doctor’s practice. With the regulations and laws set up by the HIPAA Act, it has become necessary for all medical practitioners to maintain the necessary records of all the patients and in a somewhat uniform way. Maintaining all the written records is difficult for the doctor and nurses as they have another important task to perform which is looking after the patients.

Due to the increasing formalities and requirements, more and more medical practitioners are now outsourcing the transcription services to a third party wherein the medical service providers send the voice notes and professionals convert them into written text to maintain the records. It is also essential to get the claims from the insurance company where all the medical records have to be submitted. 

Medical transcription services have made the life of medical service providers comparatively easier as it saves a lot of time, money and efforts. The doctors and nurses can look after additional patients instead of wasting their precious time on maintaining the records. However, there are certain things that should be kept in mind while selecting the right medical transcription company.

1. Quality Assurance

The first and foremost requirement is to assure quality. Since the field is highly specialized, even a small mistake can create a huge blunder. The patient’s life is at risk when it comes to medical services therefore before outsourcing the facility to any medical transcription company, the medical service provider should make sure that the company provides a high level of accuracy. The work should be done by professionals who are well versed with the medical terms and terminology and can provide the best work without any errors. 

2. Cost-efficient

The prices of the transcription services should be affordable for the medical service provider. If the charges will be high, medical practitioners won’t be able to afford the services and they will have to compromise with the accuracy. 

3. HIPAA Compliant

Another important aspect is that the transcription should be compliant with the rules and regulations laid down by the HIPAA. The reports and notes should be provided in a uniform manner that fulfills all the compliances of the HIPAA Act. 

4. Dictation options 

The medical transcription company should be flexible and should provide numerous options to record the patient notes. Since everything is done electronically, there can be server or network errors at times therefore there must be more than one option available at all times to ensure seamless work. For example, Eyered provides an option to record the patients’ notes and summary through a digital recorder, toll- free number and Smartphone application which ensures that there are no technical glitches and work is done efficiently. 

5. Security

The services of medical transcription require a high level of security. There is a chance of data theft and leakage when the notes are being sent to the Transcription Company and back to the medical practitioners which can be a cause for concern for the patient. According to HIPAA, complete privacy and security should be ensured to maintain the records of the patients. 

6. Client Service

The medical transcription company should provide you with 24 hours support for all days in the year. It should also provide you with services after the working hours so that any kind of problem can be solved there and then without any delays. 

Medical transcription is a difficult task and not every tom, dick and harry can do it accurately. It requires the transmission of highly sensitive data to an outsider which in turn requires that the company should provide quality and security. They should handle and maintain the company’s records efficiently. 

Eyered is one of the most innovative and technologically advanced transcription service company which has experienced staff and years of experience. The team of experts works to provide 99% accuracy and they offer highly affordable services at just 7 cents per line. It offers a turnaround of just 12 hours which means that the services are highly quick and efficient. Moreover, the company works in a HIPAA compliant manner and offers multiple dictations offers so that the work of the medical practitioners can continue smoothly. The servers are highly secure which ensures security and privacy for all the patients. The best part is that you can avail of a 7-day free trial service before taking your decision.

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