Medical Transcription Pay Rate Australia: Best of the Budgets

December 2, 2020

Whether you are thinking of starting a new career or you have any financial responsibility, there is plenty of opportunity for online companies offering best medical transcription pay rate Australia jobs. And it does not involve too much infrastructure; you are good to go if you have a laptop and decent typing skills. You can generate a decent amount of money by this career path.

A medical transcription pay rate Australia salary is generally based on production. This means that you get paid for the work you produce, and as a medical transcriptionist, you can choose your own work hours. You sometimes may be paid on an hourly rate or sometimes on fixed wages, like any employee, this depends on where you work and who you work for. The average hourly date for any medical transcriptionist with editing skills is somewhere from $20 – $30 which is the average hourly rate.

Most work-from-home transcription jobs pay production. How much you earn as a transcriptionist- and your resulting hourly rate will depend on the skill, the audio quality, and the subject matter. Cents per line is a common type of pay calculation in the medical transcription industry. There are few companies that pay per word, but it seems less common. Following production medical transcription pay rate Australia one may expect:

A typical per word pay range is about 0.5 cents to 0.695 cents. So to earn $10 at a rate of 6 cents per word you should be producing. Also, a lot depends a lot upon the format and content which you are being provided. It is however possible to make more money an hour when you have some experience and also have developed the transcription skill.

It is common to see line rates ranging from 8 to 20 cents. It’s not unusual that you might find 7-9 cents per line. So to make an hourly rate of $10 at 7 cents per line, you need to transcribe 143 lines per hour. But the things become more challenging if the audio quality is poor. And if you are a freelancer transcriptionist the rate may be less as there are taxes and other expenses.

An experienced professional can transcribe one hour of audio for about three hours. A new transcriptionist might take longer. This means $25 per audio hour, which is quite difficult to manage. A respectable place to start is where you get $50 (around at least). If any freelancer wants a good pay rate they should have their own customers and should be good at the work provided.

Page rate often falls in line with the audio hour rate. Regardless an absolute minimum place to start is $1 per page, preferably a little more. Remember that template formats can greatly affect what you earn, but then again it depends on company to company.

Are you a freelancer or an employee?
As an employee, you will be probably still be paid by production instead of hourly. In exchange for your employer’s determination when and how you work and also how much you produce, you are entitled to certain protections and benefits like insurance.

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