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Medical Transcriptionist,Typist & Stenographer – What’s the Difference?

Much of the time organizations expect somebody to type their records, notes, correspondence, and different materials. In any case, who is suited for such an occupation? What is the distinction between individuals who type records professionally – a typist, stenographer and a transcriptionist? How medical transcription services are benefitting the people world? Albeit all of these professions have similar-sounding jobs, their skills, experience, and methods all vary greatly. So let’s dive...

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Why US companies outsource their medical transcription services to India

In today’s digital lives we have a ton of outsourcing work which needs to be done in all ventures. For the most part, organizations are going to outsource medical interpretation services in light of the fact that outsourcing benefits the business and has a lasting footprint within the fast-paced environment of many professions. Motivations to contract Outsourcing Transcription services are to Save Money, Increase Efficiency, they offer an administration that...

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Medical Transcription Made Easy

Still searching for a company to take care of your transcription needs? Or maybe you still can’t quite decide what company to choose? Look no further. At Eyered Transcription, we know what you need in a medical transcription service provider. We’ve got you covered. Accuracy We know business is fundamentally about satisfying your patient’s needs. That means providing them with topnotch medical consultation and treatment services. However, if you run your own medical...

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Enhancing Patient Care with Specialized Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcriptions and EMRs (electronic medical records) go hand in hand, though when compared with each other medical transcription has various benefits, for example, transcription services make it easier and faster for a doctor to utilize electronic records system. Medical transcription services have enhanced the use of EMRs and helped physicians save time, by transferring the data-entry, clerical tasks to transcribers instead of documenting it themselves. Medical transcription outsourcing makes things even...

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Why Outsourcing Urology Transcription Services Make Sense?

Urology is a vast field including surgical and non-surgical procedures and hence requires knowledge of internal medicine, nephrology, gynecology, andrology, and oncology. While outsourcing a team of trained urology transcriptionists who are trained in the terminology specific to urology transcription reports becomes vital. Specialized urology transcriptionists are trained on looking into every report for high quality and as quickly as possible. Urology transcription specialists can document various reports like clinic notes,...

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Advanced Medical Transcription – How Outsourcing Ensures Savings

With increasing compliances and laws the healthcare industry has to deal with today, and along with increasing demand for their core services physicians have very little time left to handle medical transcription. Hence rather than keeping it in-house many physicians are opting for outsourcing their records to advanced medical transcription services which helps them avoid managing the staff involved in transcriptions, records, turnaround time, HIPAA compliance, technology, maintenance of equipment,...

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Reasons why Outsourcing Medical Transcription is a Good Decision

Due to the dynamic and critical nature of the health industry, several hospitals and health care professionals prefer outsourcing medical transcription service to a third party. As per a survey conducted by Black Book nearly 63% of hospitals in the US outsourced transcription service in 2015, which is expected to grow over 70% as the ICD-10 deadline is approaching. Technological advancement has had a tremendous impact on the ways businesses operate in the...