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November 6, 2019

Eyered Transcription has been working in the field of cardiology transcription for more than 25 years. We boast an enormous amount of experience and a great understanding of the subject. Which enables the Eyered Transcription services to properly help the cardiologists all around the globe.

We are expert in the end-to-end cardiology transcription services. Our process includes; securely storing the voice records provided by the clients (Cardiologists and medical organization for cardiology); accurately transcribing those files while following all the HIPAA regulations; quality control (re-check the documentation for any medical terminology and grammatical errors); securely sharing the final documentation with the clients. We specialize in cardiology transcription for operation records, patients history, and regular consultations, discharge summary, and routine charts.

Cardiology Transcription Solution

Cardiology is one of the most peculiar and crucial practice as it deals with hearts. When doctors are already dealing with intense situations and cases, they do not get time to document every single step they go through during the practices. On the other hand, the field itself has seen so many revolutions and ups and downs which make the documentation of each record, case, and practice much more essential. These documentations help the next batch or say the next generation to prepare the best for whatever comes in their hands.

How We Help Our Clients in Cardiology

Eyered Transcription Solution provides excellent, accurate, rapid transcription services to all medical institutes/organizations. We know the importance of the transcribed documents and that’s why we make sure of the optimum quality of each report.

Here is how it is all work:

  • The clients create accounts on our platform and get access to their personalized dashboards
  • They need to upload the files as a web link, computer file, or a cloud file 
  • They can customize their requirements by selecting from multiple service options and packages.
  • Once they upload the voice files and hit the submit button, they are redirected to the payment page. 
  • They need to make the payment.
  • Then our team starts working on ts magic.

What We Offer for Cardiology Transcription services: 

  • 7 cents per line
  • 12-hour turnaround
  • 99%+ accuracy
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Transcription into EMR/EHR
  • Multiple dictation options

How our knowledgeable and experienced cardiology transcriptionists complete the requested work?

The medical transcription services maintain a secure and error-proof process for completing any cardiology transcription. The process usually includes six steps: 

  1. 1:- Obtaining the cardiology-related voice file on a secure server. These files can have three types: 
    1. Digitally recorded (on phone or other devices) conversations
    2. Direct recordings over calls (through toll-free numbers)
    3. Using any smartphone
  2. 2:- All cardiological dictations are transferred to their servers under the strictest security measures.
  3. 3:- Transcription work starts when the MT receives all the files on their server. They do not only write down each dictation but also grammatically correct the sentences. They make sure the documentation complies with HIPAA regulations.
  4. 4:- Quality Control: when the documentation of the voice files is completed, the cardiology transcript gets passed on to the diligent Quality Control team. They re-check the entire documents for any errors, grammatical or otherwise.
  5. 5:- The final copy of the cardiology transcription then saved on a secure server and later on send to the clients.

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