How has technology revolutionized the services of medical transcription industry?

June 23, 2019

Today, the medical transcription industry is a global industry and is one of the few domains of the health care industry that has been constantly on the rise. If you take a look at the growth pattern of medical transcription services across the globe, you will realize that the last two decades have been indeed noteworthy for the medical transcription industry! This accelerated growth pattern can be attributed to the integration and implementation of digitized health care systems and automated reporting services.

Digitizing health care systems has led to a substantial growth of various health care domains and the same is true for medical transcription services as well! Technology has not only been advantageous in reducing process costs but it has also been advantageous in improving accuracy, portability and security of the medical transcription services. So let’s discuss further in detail as to how technology has revolutionized the services of medical transcription industry?

  • Increased and Flexible communication – Technological advancements dawned it’s very first revolutionary transformation on our modes of communication. This was clearly seen with the advent of smart cell phones, application software’s like team viewer, skype and zoom conference calls that made virtual team meetings a reality! These technological advancements profoundly influenced our style of communication and revolutionized the medical transcription services industry in 2 ways – First being, there has been an improvement and increment of accuracy between physician’s and medical transcriptionist’s communication and the second being, since there is now flexibility in the way we communicate, the frequency of effective communication within the medical transcription industry has increased very rapidly. These changes have had a very positive impact on the medical transcription services because now, the medical transcription service provider can communicate more effectively and precisely with the doctor.
  • Flexible Communications lead to Flexible Solutions – The second revolutionary transformation that the medical transcription services industry has observed is that now service providers can offer their clients flexible solutions. With the various technological solutions that are available today, it is possible for doctors and physicians to conduct medical dictations anywhere and at any point of time. Following are some of the ways that a medical transcription service company can offer flexible solutions:
    • A Medical transcription service company can offer app’s which accept the medical dictation by the doctor directly. So, all the physician or the doctor will need to do is install the app on their smart phone and simply record and conduct the medical dictation into the app. The medical dictation will then be transferred to the medical transcription company’s servers and here, they will be stored securely which can then be accessed by the medical transcriptionist.  
    • Another way that the service provider can offer flexible solutions to their clients is offering a toll-free number. Here, the doctor can simply call the toll free number, follow instructions as laid down by the automate messages and then simply record the medical dictations over the phone.
  • Employing Speech Recognition Technology – Speech recognition software’s use algorithms to convert voice messages into digitized texts and they have been very helpful to medical transcription service providers as well as doctors and physicians. Although, there has been some debate on employing speech recognition technology within the medical transcription service industry, they have proven to be successful in saving time! Speech recognition technologies can surely convert the medical dictations into digitized texts but there are chances that the dictation may not be 100% accurate especially if the medical dictations include complex terminologies. One of the best ways to deliver high quality flawless reports is to have a certified medical transcriptionist review and edit the transcribed reports that have been generated by the software. Even though, speech recognition technology has limitations in terms of delivering an absolutely accurate report, it can be employed in simpler dictations or in conjunction because speech recognition software’s have an added advantage of generating reports within a short time frame.
  • High Security Solutions to Protect Patient Health Information – Another added advantage of technology within the medical transcription services industry has been that now, advanced technology can be used to build sophisticated software’s that are capable of providing high security solutions to protect patient data. Outsourcing health care services has always been a cause of concern among health care practitioners for various reasons – There has always been the risk of data leakage or data compromise but premium medical transcription services understand these challenges and they are today, incorporating high end security solutions and sophisticated encryption technologies to protect patient health information. Technology has provided support to medical transcription service industry so that they can provide a high level of security and protect all the details that are transmitted by the doctor or the physician to themselves. 
  • A Digitized Filing System through Electronic Health Records (EHR’s) or Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s) – Ever since the advent of health care entities, it was always crucial to maintain patient health information and any medical records in a systematic manner that is easily accessed but secured. For many decades, health care organizations stored patient data as physical files in locked cabinets. Although this filing system has been effective for many and is still practiced today, it continues to be a cumbersome process. Also, there is always a risk of theft or damage to patient data but technology has now provided the health care system with an alternative! Today, health care organization can use a digitized filing system that is known as EHR and EMR. EHR’s and EMR’s are increasingly being employed across the globe – They provide an easy access to patient’s medical data from anywhere across the world and with the right security systems, they follow the health care compliances. But how can EHR or EMR revolutionize the medical transcription services industry? Well, If a medical transcription company has the means to invest in a high end technology, they can send the transcribed document in the required format to file it digitally and directly into the EMR or EHR system.     

These are some of the few ways in how the technology has revolutionized the services of medical transcription industry! Eyered medical transcription services is always evolving towards employing high end technologies so that we can offer premium services to our health care providers.

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