How do I get the best radiology medical transcription services

May 30, 2019

Radiology reports such as the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), X-rays, CT Scans and Ultrasounds are extremely crucial in deciphering and determining the next course of treatment for a patient. The voice recordings and the dictations of these radiology reports must be very accurately transcribed. An accurate analysis of the radiology report and its correct documentation enables the physicians to take the right steps towards treating a patient. It also, in turn, allows health care professionals to deliver optimal and high-quality care to their patients.

Today, radiology and imaging reports are very commonly outsourced to medical transcriptionists but analyzing and documenting radiology records is a very specialized domain. A medical transcriptionist who focuses and on radiology medical transcription services is often referred to as a radiology transcriptionist. One can expect to receive high-quality radiology transcription if they opt for an outsourcing company that has good experience in transcribing radiology documents.

There are various companies that offer radiology transcription services but to narrow down the very few who offer impeccable and high-quality medical transcription services has always been a cumbersome task for health care professionals! You will often observe that the best radiology medical transcription services are provided by the company who are not hesitant in hiring certified and experienced medical transcriptionists and deem such employees as an investment. Though this may seem as very obvious, you will notice in your search that there are very few medical transcription service companies who understand how crucial this factor is and how it directly affects the quality of your transcribed document.


In addition to hiring experienced and certified radiology transcriptionist, there are many other factors that too, directly affect the quality of the transcribed document and hamper the service of the medical transcription service provider. Following is the listing of these various factors:
These factors will help you distinguish the best radiology medical transcription services from other outsourcing companies so that you can hire the best medical transcription service provider for your practice:

• Interview your radiology medical transcriptionist: It is advisable to ask your medical transcription service provider to schedule an interview with the radiology transcriptionist before finalizing a contract with them. You need to ensure that they are qualified and experienced.

o If you are seeking to hire some of the best radiology transcriptionists in the medical transcription industry for your radiology reports, then you must ensure that they are well educated and have a minimum of a graduate degree.

o Your radiology transcriptionist should have adequate experience in various medical areas. These areas may range from understanding medical terminologies and physiology to anatomy and to ensure this, you should seek to hire a certified medical transcriptionist (CMT). While certification is voluntary in this field, hiring a CMT will ensure that your radiology reports are being transcribed by a transcriptionist who has significant experience in various specialties.

o It goes without saying that a radiology transcriptionist should not only possess the ability to read and analyze MRI’s, X-rays, CT-scans and various other radiology reports but they must be an expert in doing so.

o An experienced radiology transcriptionist should be aware of various medical laws and any regulatory affairs relating to the radiology domain.

• Interview your radiology medical transcription service provider as well: In addition to ensuring that the transcriptionist handling your radiology project is experienced and certified, you must also ensure that the medical transcription service company you are about to finalize your contract with is seasoned in handling radiology transcription projects.

• Quality assurance and a multi-level review system: It is essential to ensure that your transcription service company is keen on delivering a high-quality document to you.
You, the health care provider can ask your service provider if they have a multi-level review system – This system allows the document to undergo stringent quality checks so that the transcribed document is free of errors. Another way to ensure that the outsourcing company has a robust quality check in place is by ensuring that they have an internal Quality assurance team. The internal quality assurance team ensures that the multi-level review system is being correctly performed and according to the process.

• HIPAA compliance: HIPAA compliance is a very important factor that you must ensure when opting to outsource your radiology reports. It is crucial that the outsourcing company’s services are HIPAA secured and they adhere to HIPAA guidelines at all times! In extension to HIPAA compliance, the medical transcription service provider must also ensure that the transcriptionist handling your radiology and imaging project has been trained to be HIPAA compliant and understands the importance of protecting and securing patient data at all times.

• Quick TAT: The best radiology medical transcription services will ensure that they provide their clients with impeccable transcription services within a quick turnaround time! Hence, it is absolutely essential to ask your transcription service company if they have adequate resources so that your transcribed medical report is delivered to you within a short frame of time.

• Better quality with an excellent service: Some of the best radiology transcription service companies ensure that their clients receive a service that will improve both, the quality and accuracy of their transcribed documents. You can inquire with your service provider the quality level and the type of service that you can expect through them.

• Dedicated project managers: Some of the best transcription companies understand that dedicating a project manager to their clients often yields accurate results and you could inquire the same with your transcription service company.


While looking for an outsourcing service provider, it is absolutely essential to consider factors like HIPAA compliance, data confidentiality and quality assurance to ensure that the transcribed document is of the highest quality. These factors that have been listed above will help you in determining and selecting the right radiology medical transcription service provider for your practice!

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