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February 7, 2020

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Gastroenterology Transcription Services?

Transcription services have revolutionized the medical services and have become necessary for all medical practitioners not just because it helps in saving the money but also because it provides a high level of accuracy and great ease of doing work. The demand for Gastroenterology Transcription Services is on an all-time high because of the increasing workload on the department and the need to concentrate more on the profession and on caring and interacting with the patients rather than on doing a manual job. The transcription service has made things convenient for medical practitioners and made the life of nurses and doctors easier. Along with it, the hospitals need not hire any additional staff when the services are outsourced. 

What is a transcription service?

Transcription service is an efficient way of converting live speech or recorded one into an e-document which is required for the purpose of documenting. The doctors while treating the patients and looking after them are required to make some notes and give all the details regarding the medical history. Doctors and nurses have to spend considerable time doing all the documentation. 

With the transcription service, the recording can be sent to the transcribers in a safe and secure manner who can listen to them and with great efficiency, he can convert them into e-documents which can be arranged properly in files and the discharge summary can be prepared. These are also required for getting insurance claims. It is mandatory to maintain the record of the patients because of which they need for transcription services has increased considerably.

Why transcription services for gastroenterology? 

The department of gastroenterology focuses on the issues related to the digestive system of humans. With the current lifestyle that people are following, the issues related to the digestive system are on a rise and as a result, the burden on doctors has increased considerably. With the increased workload it has become necessary for the medical practitioners to go for transcription services. 

Pros of Gastroenterology Transcription Services

1. The transcription services use up-to-date technology and ensure quality work for the people. They are not novice people, rather they are trained and skilled to understand the technical jargon of the medical field because of which they can do their work with great ease. 

2. They perform the work with great accuracy and precision. Eyered offers 100% accuracy. 

3. Transcription services are cost-effective. With this service, you can save a lot of money, time and effort. Eyered charges 7 cents per line for the transcription services. 

4. The transcription services are completely secure and safe to maintain the privacy of the patient’s records.

5. The doctors can concentrate on the patient and look after more patients at the same time by using these services. 

6. By outsourcing the transcription services, you need not worry about hiring additional staff in your office and neither need to pay them even when there is no work. Moreover, you need not worry about the labor turnover and absenteeism when the services are outsourced to outsiders. 

Cons of transcription services

1. The services are entirely dependent on technology and any kind of technological hindrance can severely impact the work. Data malfunction, software problems, data communication or any hardware problem can prove to be a critical problem for the medical practitioner who might be completely dependent on the service. 

2. The transcription service provider might not be well aware of the government and state regulations which might prove to be a problem. Documentation can be a problem in case the compliances are not met.

Gastroenterology Transcription Services with Eyered

Eyered is a leading firm which is offering Gastroenterology Transcription Services in a cost-efficient manner and 99%+ accuracy level. With Eyered you can record the medical notes through the digital recorder, toll-free number or through Smartphone application. 

You can easily record the notes efficiently. You can securely transfer the recording through the secure channel to the experienced team and after checking for quality the recordings are converted into e-documents. One of the most attractive features of the service is the less cost that is offered. Also, the service is completely secure and HIPAA compliant. Moreover, the company offers a 7-day trial to all the users. It can overcome all the disadvantages of the transcription services and ensures genuine service. 

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December 12, 2019

Gastroenterology Transcription Services and Solutions

As the name suggests, Gastroenterology is a special branch in medicine that deals with the digestive system and all its functionings that affect the human body. All the Physicians practicing in this field are known as gastroenterologists. Broadly speaking, gastroenterologists deals with any kind of disease related to the stomach, intestines, and esophagus; along with hepatology, which involves the study of liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. All of the disorders related to the above-mentioned organs requires distinctive study and research as well as too much of the physicians’ time.

All the notes taken, patient history, daily progress charts, and all the other small to big details of a gastroenterologist’s daily practice is essential to be documented. These documents do not help the clinics or medical institutes to keep the records but also help future medical students. These records help the medical students and professionals all around the world to understand whatever can happen with a human body and what and what cant be done in each case.

What is generally included in the gastroenterologist’s daily documentations?

In order to diagnose a gastrointestinal ailment, the physician takes down extensive notes and medical history of the patient. Then there are lab tests reports, procedural and surgical reports, etc.

Who helps the gastroenterologists in keeping these records documented and with accurate details?

As it is obvious that a gastroenterologist does not have time to take care of their patients and at the same time document everything they do. It becomes very important for them to audio record every appointment, every surgery, and every other interaction they have with the patients. These voice records can later be transcribed by an experienced medical transcriptionist.

Gastroenterology Transcription Services and Solutions

There are so many ways a gastroenterologist can get all their audio records to be documented. One of them is to hire a new staff dedicated only to the transcription work. A person who is from medical background or have a good experience of working for or volunteering in medical work. This solution can be expensive for the medical organizations with all the payrolls and allowance for a new staff.

However, there is another much affordable yet more reliable solution for gastroenterology transcription. That is outsourcing the transcription work. There are many medical transcriptions available online whom you can rely on and who will do the work at much reasonable prices. These dedicated Gastroenterology Transcription Services boasts resources and agents with good experience in the industry. They offer the most accurate medical transcriptions at prices as low as 7 cents per sentence. Many of these gastroenterology transcription services such as Eyered Transcription also work in compliance with HIPAA. They ensure that all medical norms are being followed while their agents do the transcription work.

How it works?

To get your Gastroenterology Transcription done, you just need to visit Sign up on the website and order your first transcription. Once you logged in, you will be asked to share your files on the secure server. You can also simply call our toll-free number, in case you do not have any recording device at the moment, and can directly talk on the phone. The recording will be saved directly on our servers.

Once we receive the voice files, our experienced agents start transcribing the files and share the final drafts with our quality control team. Where all the documents get re-checked for the grammatical errors and medical terminologies. The final copy will then be sent to you through the secure servers.

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