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Gastroenterology Transcription Services

Gastroenterology is a specific branch of medical science that deals with the functioning of digestive system of the human body. Physician’s experts in this field are known as gastroenterologists, who diagnose and treat disorders that affect the stomach, intestines and esophagus. They also deal with hepatology, which involves the study of liver, pancreas and gallbladder. In order to diagnose a gastro-intestinal aliment, physician takes down extensive notes and medical history of the patient. Then there are lab tests reports, procedural and surgical reports etc. All this calls for engaging professional who are experts in providing gastroenterology transcription service.


Gastroenterology transcription involves careful transcription of technical terms such as colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and endoscopy. Eyered has well trained medical transcriptionists whose work is further checked by specialists before being sent back to the gastroenterologist or the practitioner. Our transcriptionists are well versed with medical expressions and terms relevant to gastroenterology. We undertake medical transcription of surgical notes, referral doctor’s correspondence, medical history and notes on diagnostic procedures.
The gastroenterology transcription and work in other medical fields undertaken by Eyered is HIPAA Compliant and available at reasonable rates. The practitioner can send us voice recordings over our free web based file transfer platform or by using our toll free phone in line. These will be quickly and accurately transcribed while maintaining privacy and confidentiality. They are returned as encrypted files to ensure security.
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