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March 27, 2020

How to Have An Accurate Orthopedic Transcription With Minimal Spending

Entailed with treatments and managing the acute conditions of the patients, orthopedic practitioners/doctors/surgeons are always occupied with a lot of work. This lays a strong emphasis on the constant recording and tracking of the crucial data of the patient’s information and treatment. Orthopedic medical practitioners consistently need reliable and accurate services of medical transcription companies for meeting the cumbersome documentation challenges of the patient reports.

Why is orthopedic transcription considered important for any medical industry?

For efficiently and accurately transcribing the orthopedic reports, a clear understanding of the orthopedic terminology and procedures is required by the specialists. The stream of orthopedics is considered to be one of the busiest in the medical industry, serving both the regular, as well as, trauma cases. If there is any emergency case, it is expected that the performance of the procedures will be prompt and subsequently the medical reports will be documented accurately. Further, the treatment follow-up has to be quick. This necessitates the importance of the services of experienced and qualified orthopedic transcriptionists.

A reliable and accurate orthopedic transcription should be able to help the doctors/ surgeons in generating the most accurate and efficient medical reports.

Outsource your orthopedic transcription services -Saves money

There is no doubt about it that the orthopedic medical transcription services have proven to be a great asset for the medical practitioners/physicians. You can always get the transcription done either in-house or get it outsourced. 

One of the major advantages of outsourcing the medical transcription services is that you pay only for the services that your organization needs. 

Most of the reputable medical orthopedic transcription businesses offer highly reasonable transcription rates. Usually, these rates would cost you a much lower price than opting for an in-house transcriptionist. This is because outsourcing will enable your organization to eliminate the need for training, administrative, and HR costs- additionally you also get to save on maintenance and equipment outlays.

No purchasing of new Equipment

If you outsource your transcription needs, you need not purchase transcription equipment such as dictation systems, computers, keyboards, and headsets. Purchasing new equipment will no longer remain a burden on you. In addition to this, it will also help you in getting rid of the expenditures on hardware or transcription software maintenance and ongoing software subscription costs.

No additional cost involving HR functions

Further, Human resource management functions such as recruitment, selection, conduction of interviews, and payroll can demand a substantial commitment to investment. When it comes to an industry having a high-attrition rate like that of transcription services, the associated costs of these HRM functions can be quite cumbersome for the healthcare provider/business. This means when you outsource your orthopedic transcription services, it will keep a check on your hiring, administrative responsibilities, and payroll processing requirements. You would just need a fairly intensive staff to meet your other needs and you can leave the HR function for the outsourcing company to take care of it.

No related training and administration responsibilities and costs

Another aspect that poses additional costs due to the in-house transcription team is the staff and administration training costs. This also includes line managers, extra time, resources and funds. 

In medical business with multiple specialties, you will need to hire an in-house transcriptionist who is well-versed with those particular varied specialties and technical jargon. So, utilizing the services of an outsourcing company will also mean that you will be able to enjoy the most accurate, reliable, efficient standards and services without incurring any ongoing costs of recruiting and maintaining your own in-house team. The services of an orthopedic transcription outsourcing company will usually cost you a fraction of what you will be paying to your full-time staff members. 

Qualities required in third-party transcription solutions

So, you can get the orthopedic transcription services at the most minimal cost. For obtaining reliable and timely services, outsourcing the orthopedic transcription needs to the third-party vendors can prove to be very effective, provided they fulfill the below-mentioned qualities or requirements-

  • Quality and accuracy- The transcription company should take all the essential measures to offer world-class quality and as much accuracy as possible. This can be assured through regular quality checks, inspection, and proofing.
  • Industry-specific experience- For the most accurate and effective orthopedic transcripts, professionals should have a wide range of experience related to orthopedics specialty. Professionals should be able to handle multiple requirements and according to a particular specialty. 
  • Resource and time-saving- The main objective of getting the orthopedic transcription process outsourced is the huge amount of savings on time and effort. The transcription company should be efficient in offering quick services to the medical practitioners that are capable of reducing the costs, as well as, save their time.
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March 16, 2020

Hidden Orthopedic Transcription Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

An overview of Orthopedics

Orthopedics is a highly- specialized branch of medicine that specifically pertains to the treatment of health problems involving the musculoskeletal system. In relation to this, orthopedic surgeons, as well as, other medical practitioners require the specialized services of an orthopedic transcription company. Such a transcription company should be capable of understanding the specific terminology and language which is prevalent in the healthcare industry. An orthopedic transcription company offers high-quality services that will be dependable and fast.

Orthopedic transcription is done for: physical therapy, cartilage repair, ACL reconstruction, knee and hip replacement, decompression, arthroscopy, rehabilitation, pain management, internal medicine, neurology, radiology, pulmonary, cardiology, child pediatrics, psychiatry, and consultation.

The most qualified and experienced transcriptionists are hired to offer the best transcription services!

Most of the healthcare providers do not believe in taking shortcuts for their production team. They believe in hiring the most reliable, qualified and experienced transcriptionist professionals. These professionals, in turn, offer the best solutions catering to the demands of the healthcare industry.

Ease of use, cost-effective, speed and time-saving!

With the help of the best of the features of transcription services, you will no longer have to wait for the critical documents to get uploaded or be prepared on time. This is because the hidden features of orthopedic transcription services such as multiple report delivery alternatives, transparent billing, and numerous online account management features have made the life of medical practitioners easier. In addition to this, friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff support is extended to all the clients to provide the best of the services. 

The major benefit of hiring a good transcription company services is that the electronic and digitized systems will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In a nutshell, a reduced workload, ability to provide improved services to the patients, an increase in the revenue, and more time left to look after the patients makes the medical transcription services all the more lucrative.

Use world-class technology to get hidden benefits-

  • There is hardly any investment involved. You can simply dial a toll-free number of top companies offering transcription services and start dictating.
  • You need not buy your own dictation equipment and systems. Most of the companies help you achieve the best solutions only over the telephone.
  • There is no geographical limitation. You can start dictating from the comfort of your location. 
  • Also, transcription service providers do not expect medical practitioners to get involved in a long-term contract commitment with them. Medical providers can pay for what they use. 
  • Detailed reports get prepared and there is a very high level of transparency in the billing systems of the hospitals and clinics.
  • Billing invoices are given for every dictation. It gets very easy to verify each and every transaction. 
  • The benefits of 99 percent accurate results and a promise of constant customer service support makes the transcription processes more smooth.
  • A preferred and safest way to transfer all the medical data is through the internet with the help of encryption. HIPAA compliant software is used for encryption of confidential data through the internet, for safety. This ensures the safety, confidentiality, and accuracy of the data being transferred.
  • Extremely affordable pricing options- The pricing of transcription is so competitive that it makes this option lucrative and viable both for the service provider, as well as, the client. No hidden costs make the offer all the more lucrative for the medical practitioners. They pay for what they get. The pricing strategy of the orthopedics transcriptionists depends on many factors such as types of dictation methods, turnaround time, quality of the audio, volume, and other special requirements. 
  • The security and privacy of the patient’s confidential information are maintained since day one. This is done through the adherence to the HIPAA compliant software processes. All such confidential matters are enforced legally.
  • Quality check- Almost all the transcription service providers get the quality check done on a regular basis including editing and proofreading. This ensures that proper quality standards are maintained by the service providers. 

Thus, from the dictation part to the delivery of the final transcripts to the client, the orthopedics transcription process is streamlined and confidential.