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January 20, 2020

What is the need for a cardiology medical transcription service?

The healthcare professionals who deal in cardiology have a challenging and stressful job because the number of patients with risks associated with heart problems is constantly rising. A considerable part of the population is facing the risk of a heart attack because of the ever-rising obesity, increased cholesterol level, and high blood pressure. The poor lifestyle people have been following can be blamed for it however cardiologists can be the true lifesavers. When it comes to the professional front, apart from treating the patients, the cardiologists also need to maintain the documents and health records of each and every patient as a result of which they end up spending a lot of time on the record maintenance process. Medical transcription services are a boon for the cardiologists as it can considerably save time and efforts and help them to concentrate on treating the patients rather than spending their time on record maintenance. If charting the records of the patients gives you nightmares, then the transcription services are specially made for you!

What is a Medical transcription service?

Medical transcription basically involves listening to the dictation of a doctor, nurse or any healthcare provider and with complete care and precision, interpreting and transcribing it into the patient’s records. The work needs to be done with expertise and care as there is no provision for mistakes when it comes to somebody’s life. The recorded notes are converted into records and entered into the EMR/EHR system. 

Importance of medical transcription service

Medical transcription services are very useful for cardiologists because of the following benefits: 

1. Easy Recording: With the transcription services the cardiologists can dictate the medical notes easily with the use of digital recorders, smartphones and toll-free dictations. All the notes are interpreted and recorded in the required way. The medical practitioners can concentrate on other important issues and look after the patients rather than recording all the notes manually.

2. Save time and efforts: The doctors and nurses need not waste their time on charting. They can easily work, handle important tasks and even rest without having to worry about the records. 

3. Quick Payments: The records are required while recovering money from insurance companies. With medical transcription service, your notes will always be properly arranged and filed which makes it easier to submit the required documents to the insurance company. 

4. Enhanced privacy: The entire process of transcription is quite safe and secure. There is no compromise on the privacy of the patients and the records are kept properly with the doctor only. They are not shared with everybody. 

5. Increased accuracy: Transcription services ensure that the recordings are clear and efficient and the experts listen to them carefully. They can even replay the recording which is not possible in a real-life setting. This ensures that all the records are recorded and filed accurately. 

Customized medical transcription services

Eyered provides the best transcription services for the cardiologists which are accurate as well as affordable. It has multiple dictation options and provides a guaranteed accuracy of more than 99%. Moreover, it offers a 12-hour turnaround and the services are compliant to the guidelines given by HIPAA. The medical practitioners can easily record the medical summary through various options that are technology efficient. The records are transferred through a secure network where it is transcribed and checked for quality control. The dictation is transferred to the provider through a secure channel in a customized way. Eyered also offers a 7-day free trial to the medical providers so that they can see the benefits before availing of the service. 

The transcription service ensures better case management for the doctors which can increase their output and make them more efficient. The doctors can easily record all the documents into their EHR/EMR which can save time and even protect their practice from any kind of malpractice. The cardiologists can remain prepared for a medical record audit as all the records are well maintained by the experts of Eyered. So the cardiologists can see more patients without excessive workload, provide improved care to the patients and interact with them and increase their job satisfaction while lowering the level of stress and endless working hours simply by outsourcing additional work to the transcription service experts. 

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