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February 28, 2020

The top transcription software: The perfect transcription solution for the medical industry!

From a generation of clinical documentation of patient records and encounters to regular administrative documents, healthcare organizations generate innumerable notes regularly. The healthcare providers are resorting to voice recognition software to dictate their clinical documentation. However, voice recognition software has its limitations. Accuracy remains a question mark in this software and they require regular proofreading work by the assistants or providers after the completion of the work. 

Although the speech recognition software is constantly improving with the help of new technological advances, the need for a human touch in the medical documents can not be eliminated. 

Most of the healthcare organizations are outsourcing their medical transcription requirements. Healthcare providers are taking the help of medical transcription services. You simply have to upload an audio file to them through various methods, an intelligent and experienced medical transcriptionist will turn your voice into reliable written health notes and records.

The major advantage of these medical transcription services is that it does not need much proofreading as proofreading is an imperative part of the quality assurance process. The accuracy rate of medical transcription software is much higher than the voice recognition software. Moreover, medical software can go beyond the systems to help you in the best possible manner and provide the best of the services.

Do you want to know some of the best picks in the medical transcription industry?

Here is a list of a few medical transcription software that can bring something unique to the table, offering world-class integration with the different workflows and suiting the different practices of any organization. 

1. WebChartMD- It is a cloud-based transcription software designed to assist medical practitioners, clinics and hospitals with clinical dictation and documentation. Some of the key features performed by this software are EHR interface development, billing, issue tracking, patient scheduling, workforce management, and data tracking.

2. ZyDoc SpeechDoc- It is a mobile-based transcription app software for doctors, both small and big, and medical practices with EHR connectivity. This solution offers medical specialties as well as sub-specialties with proper compliant solutions. It is a mobile-based app ideal for Android and iOS which helps the doctors to view their daily schedules, select their jobs and patients and dictate through a smartphone. Further, it helps the doctors and practitioners to ease out their routine procedures by securely transcribing medical dictation. Doctors will be able to set default texts and use customized templates, standard clauses, and documentation by exception to shorten dictation time. It also helps in signing the reports from anywhere in the world with the help of a connected device.

3. PhraseExpander- This software is amazing to use as it is so intuitive. The best part about this software is that if you are facing any small issue (like problems in updating the software), you can simply mail the founder and your issue will be resolved within minutes. It is a perfect software for maintaining medical records, data entry, and medical transcription.

4. Dragon speech recognition- With this software, you can convert speech into text in a simple manner by dictating it into windows-based applications at a speed of 160 words per minute.

5. Sonix- It is an ideal audio and video transcription solution which is enabling the medical practitioners and doctors to organize, transcribe, and search audio and video files. The software is fully automated and can transcribe thirty minutes of audio and video files into three-four minutes. The medical industry can transcribe quickly and in a stress-free manner.

As it is fully automated software, it might not be a hundred percent accurate. Sonix allows easy reviewing and editing of the various transcripts. Further, it facilitates uploading, as well as, importing the audio and video files. The editing process can be simplified by the users as they can speed up or slow down the playback. Sonix allows the exporting of transcripts into many different formats such as text files and Microsoft Word.

6. Intelligent Medical software- It helps in medical scheduling, medical billing, medical lab, medical practice management, medical records, optometry, and medical imaging.

7. Radekal– It is an automatic progress note generation and fully automated electronic health record EHR which is designed to streamline the complex processes of patient recordings.

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February 26, 2020

How to Choose the Right Medical Transcription Company

Medical transcription has become one of the most important aspects of a doctor’s practice. With the regulations and laws set up by the HIPAA Act, it has become necessary for all medical practitioners to maintain the necessary records of all the patients and in a somewhat uniform way. Maintaining all the written records is difficult for the doctor and nurses as they have another important task to perform which is looking after the patients.

Due to the increasing formalities and requirements, more and more medical practitioners are now outsourcing the transcription services to a third party wherein the medical service providers send the voice notes and professionals convert them into written text to maintain the records. It is also essential to get the claims from the insurance company where all the medical records have to be submitted. 

Medical transcription services have made the life of medical service providers comparatively easier as it saves a lot of time, money and efforts. The doctors and nurses can look after additional patients instead of wasting their precious time on maintaining the records. However, there are certain things that should be kept in mind while selecting the right medical transcription company.

1. Quality Assurance

The first and foremost requirement is to assure quality. Since the field is highly specialized, even a small mistake can create a huge blunder. The patient’s life is at risk when it comes to medical services therefore before outsourcing the facility to any medical transcription company, the medical service provider should make sure that the company provides a high level of accuracy. The work should be done by professionals who are well versed with the medical terms and terminology and can provide the best work without any errors. 

2. Cost-efficient

The prices of the transcription services should be affordable for the medical service provider. If the charges will be high, medical practitioners won’t be able to afford the services and they will have to compromise with the accuracy. 

3. HIPAA Compliant

Another important aspect is that the transcription should be compliant with the rules and regulations laid down by the HIPAA. The reports and notes should be provided in a uniform manner that fulfills all the compliances of the HIPAA Act. 

4. Dictation options 

The medical transcription company should be flexible and should provide numerous options to record the patient notes. Since everything is done electronically, there can be server or network errors at times therefore there must be more than one option available at all times to ensure seamless work. For example, Eyered provides an option to record the patients’ notes and summary through a digital recorder, toll- free number and Smartphone application which ensures that there are no technical glitches and work is done efficiently. 

5. Security

The services of medical transcription require a high level of security. There is a chance of data theft and leakage when the notes are being sent to the Transcription Company and back to the medical practitioners which can be a cause for concern for the patient. According to HIPAA, complete privacy and security should be ensured to maintain the records of the patients. 

6. Client Service

The medical transcription company should provide you with 24 hours support for all days in the year. It should also provide you with services after the working hours so that any kind of problem can be solved there and then without any delays. 

Medical transcription is a difficult task and not every tom, dick and harry can do it accurately. It requires the transmission of highly sensitive data to an outsider which in turn requires that the company should provide quality and security. They should handle and maintain the company’s records efficiently. 

Eyered is one of the most innovative and technologically advanced transcription service company which has experienced staff and years of experience. The team of experts works to provide 99% accuracy and they offer highly affordable services at just 7 cents per line. It offers a turnaround of just 12 hours which means that the services are highly quick and efficient. Moreover, the company works in a HIPAA compliant manner and offers multiple dictations offers so that the work of the medical practitioners can continue smoothly. The servers are highly secure which ensures security and privacy for all the patients. The best part is that you can avail of a 7-day free trial service before taking your decision.

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February 14, 2020

Tips for Success as an Ophthalmology Transcriptionist

If you want to be successful in any profession, the major trick is to master the trade and understand the tricks of the profession. This is particularly true for the ophthalmology transcriptionists who are paid based on their productivity and efficiency. The more efficient and faster they are, the more they will be paid and the more they will be able to make out of their profession.

Becoming an ophthalmology transcriptionist can be exciting and amazing for some people. Desire and determination guide every medical ophthalmology transcriptionist, but getting a few tips and tricks handy will not cause any harm. Below are mentioned a few strategies to make most out of your profession as an ophthalmology transcriptionist-

1. Start searching for a job while you are completing your training-

Begin searching for a job while you are finishing your studies. Although most of the ophthalmology transcriptionist training programs collaborate with the companies to provide useful resources to their students, still the students must find a job on their own.

2. Early networking-

Start networking at an early stage while you are getting trained. Try to avoid all kinds of distractions and focus on your long-term goal. 

3. Create a routine and become an ardent follower of the same routine-

There is a famous saying” Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Determine your work schedule, plan accordingly and adhere to your planned work schedule like you are going to an office regularly. 

4. Get yourself a designated workplace-

Having a place of your own, where you can work with ease is very essential. Be it a comfortable couch or your kitchen, you need to assign a specific space for your work. Make sure your workplace is a quiet place and free from all the types of distractions.

5. Become as fast as you can-

Believe it or not, as a medical transcriptionist you will have to increase your speed. Only then you will be able to make a higher living in this profession. 

6. Project professionalism

Don’t let lazy attitude spoil your work schedule. A laid back attitude is going to create a very casual work environment for you and you can lose out on many exciting work opportunities. 

7. Get an ophthalmology transcriptionist mentor-

Strong support and guidance from an experienced mentor is always a boon for every profession. This is especially true for someone who is working as an independent medical transcriptionist, who needs guidance sometimes.

8. Be adaptable-

The medical transcription industry is changing rapidly. You need to constantly remain updated with the news related to the industry. For instance, speech recognition technology has completely revolutionized the industry in recent years. It has become prevalent to increase speed efficiency and reduce the costs multiple times. Similarly, remain open to new and fresh work opportunities of transcription. For instance, if you have completed only medical transcription, you can consider expanding your horizons to focus group transcriptions or nonmedical interview transcriptions. 

The medical transcription industry is changing rapidly. You need to constantly remain updated with the news related to the industry. For instance, speech recognition technology has completely revolutionized the industry in recent years. It has become prevalent to increase speed efficiency and reduce the costs multiple times. Similarly, remain open to new and fresh work opportunities of transcription. For instance, if you have completed only medical transcription, you can consider expanding your horizons to focus group transcriptions or nonmedical interview transcriptions.

Although, implementing changes in your career can get unnerving, but being open to new approaches and new technology can open up new career aspects for you and will prove to be better for you in the long run.

9. Use professional transcription tools-

Try to invest in the professional transcription tools provided by reputed companies. For instance, pick up quality headphones so that you can listen clearly and justify your job. This will enable you to do better at your work and will also help you in staying consistent and comfortable.

You will have to listen to audio files for hours, so you should invest in a high-quality and professional headset. A proper high-quality keyboard, chair, and desk are the major essentials for your work. In addition to this, make sure your workplace is well-lit as well. 

10. Relax and be your self-

It is very important to not to stress. Spend quality time with your friends, relatives, and family. Try to do all the things that bring joy into your life. The joy that you will derive from a relaxed lifestyle will enhance your professional sphere. A relaxed ophthalmology transcriptionist will certainly become a more efficient as well as productive transcriptionist.

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February 7, 2020

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Gastroenterology Transcription Services?

Transcription services have revolutionized the medical services and have become necessary for all medical practitioners not just because it helps in saving the money but also because it provides a high level of accuracy and great ease of doing work. The demand for Gastroenterology Transcription Services is on an all-time high because of the increasing workload on the department and the need to concentrate more on the profession and on caring and interacting with the patients rather than on doing a manual job. The transcription service has made things convenient for medical practitioners and made the life of nurses and doctors easier. Along with it, the hospitals need not hire any additional staff when the services are outsourced. 

What is a transcription service?

Transcription service is an efficient way of converting live speech or recorded one into an e-document which is required for the purpose of documenting. The doctors while treating the patients and looking after them are required to make some notes and give all the details regarding the medical history. Doctors and nurses have to spend considerable time doing all the documentation. 

With the transcription service, the recording can be sent to the transcribers in a safe and secure manner who can listen to them and with great efficiency, he can convert them into e-documents which can be arranged properly in files and the discharge summary can be prepared. These are also required for getting insurance claims. It is mandatory to maintain the record of the patients because of which they need for transcription services has increased considerably.

Why transcription services for gastroenterology? 

The department of gastroenterology focuses on the issues related to the digestive system of humans. With the current lifestyle that people are following, the issues related to the digestive system are on a rise and as a result, the burden on doctors has increased considerably. With the increased workload it has become necessary for the medical practitioners to go for transcription services. 

Pros of Gastroenterology Transcription Services

1. The transcription services use up-to-date technology and ensure quality work for the people. They are not novice people, rather they are trained and skilled to understand the technical jargon of the medical field because of which they can do their work with great ease. 

2. They perform the work with great accuracy and precision. Eyered offers 100% accuracy. 

3. Transcription services are cost-effective. With this service, you can save a lot of money, time and effort. Eyered charges 7 cents per line for the transcription services. 

4. The transcription services are completely secure and safe to maintain the privacy of the patient’s records.

5. The doctors can concentrate on the patient and look after more patients at the same time by using these services. 

6. By outsourcing the transcription services, you need not worry about hiring additional staff in your office and neither need to pay them even when there is no work. Moreover, you need not worry about the labor turnover and absenteeism when the services are outsourced to outsiders. 

Cons of transcription services

1. The services are entirely dependent on technology and any kind of technological hindrance can severely impact the work. Data malfunction, software problems, data communication or any hardware problem can prove to be a critical problem for the medical practitioner who might be completely dependent on the service. 

2. The transcription service provider might not be well aware of the government and state regulations which might prove to be a problem. Documentation can be a problem in case the compliances are not met.

Gastroenterology Transcription Services with Eyered

Eyered is a leading firm which is offering Gastroenterology Transcription Services in a cost-efficient manner and 99%+ accuracy level. With Eyered you can record the medical notes through the digital recorder, toll-free number or through Smartphone application. 

You can easily record the notes efficiently. You can securely transfer the recording through the secure channel to the experienced team and after checking for quality the recordings are converted into e-documents. One of the most attractive features of the service is the less cost that is offered. Also, the service is completely secure and HIPAA compliant. Moreover, the company offers a 7-day trial to all the users. It can overcome all the disadvantages of the transcription services and ensures genuine service. 

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January 20, 2020

What is the need for a cardiology medical transcription service?

The healthcare professionals who deal in cardiology have a challenging and stressful job because the number of patients with risks associated with heart problems is constantly rising. A considerable part of the population is facing the risk of a heart attack because of the ever-rising obesity, increased cholesterol level, and high blood pressure. The poor lifestyle people have been following can be blamed for it however cardiologists can be the true lifesavers. When it comes to the professional front, apart from treating the patients, the cardiologists also need to maintain the documents and health records of each and every patient as a result of which they end up spending a lot of time on the record maintenance process. Medical transcription services are a boon for the cardiologists as it can considerably save time and efforts and help them to concentrate on treating the patients rather than spending their time on record maintenance. If charting the records of the patients gives you nightmares, then the transcription services are specially made for you!

What is a Medical transcription service?

Medical transcription basically involves listening to the dictation of a doctor, nurse or any healthcare provider and with complete care and precision, interpreting and transcribing it into the patient’s records. The work needs to be done with expertise and care as there is no provision for mistakes when it comes to somebody’s life. The recorded notes are converted into records and entered into the EMR/EHR system. 

Importance of medical transcription service

Medical transcription services are very useful for cardiologists because of the following benefits: 

1. Easy Recording: With the transcription services the cardiologists can dictate the medical notes easily with the use of digital recorders, smartphones and toll-free dictations. All the notes are interpreted and recorded in the required way. The medical practitioners can concentrate on other important issues and look after the patients rather than recording all the notes manually.

2. Save time and efforts: The doctors and nurses need not waste their time on charting. They can easily work, handle important tasks and even rest without having to worry about the records. 

3. Quick Payments: The records are required while recovering money from insurance companies. With medical transcription service, your notes will always be properly arranged and filed which makes it easier to submit the required documents to the insurance company. 

4. Enhanced privacy: The entire process of transcription is quite safe and secure. There is no compromise on the privacy of the patients and the records are kept properly with the doctor only. They are not shared with everybody. 

5. Increased accuracy: Transcription services ensure that the recordings are clear and efficient and the experts listen to them carefully. They can even replay the recording which is not possible in a real-life setting. This ensures that all the records are recorded and filed accurately. 

Customized medical transcription services

Eyered provides the best transcription services for the cardiologists which are accurate as well as affordable. It has multiple dictation options and provides a guaranteed accuracy of more than 99%. Moreover, it offers a 12-hour turnaround and the services are compliant to the guidelines given by HIPAA. The medical practitioners can easily record the medical summary through various options that are technology efficient. The records are transferred through a secure network where it is transcribed and checked for quality control. The dictation is transferred to the provider through a secure channel in a customized way. Eyered also offers a 7-day free trial to the medical providers so that they can see the benefits before availing of the service. 

The transcription service ensures better case management for the doctors which can increase their output and make them more efficient. The doctors can easily record all the documents into their EHR/EMR which can save time and even protect their practice from any kind of malpractice. The cardiologists can remain prepared for a medical record audit as all the records are well maintained by the experts of Eyered. So the cardiologists can see more patients without excessive workload, provide improved care to the patients and interact with them and increase their job satisfaction while lowering the level of stress and endless working hours simply by outsourcing additional work to the transcription service experts. 

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