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    oral transcription

    Oral Transcription Services

    Going through oral records to find a certain quote or discussion can be a tedious process. If they are stored in physical media like tapes and CDs, you’ll have to find the appropriate player before you can even start. Your life may be a tiny bit easier if the oral records are in a digital audio format since you can play them directly from a computer, but you’ll still have to listen to each record to find what you’re looking for. Sure, you can make the recordings go faster, but you can only speed them up so much before they sound like gibberish.
    If only you could scan through all the recording’s contents as you would through documents, you’d then be able to finish your job much quicker. Fortunately, these days you have oral transcription services to help you out. With Eyered, your audio records are transcribed into a readable digital format that you can scan through quickly, making your job a lot quicker.


    Eyered has always been a leader in the transcription industry. For the past 15 years, we have provided superb oral transcription services to professionals in the United States.
    We hire only the best people to be our expert transcriptionists. They have been trained to handle different types of transcription work and are intimately familiar with the terminologies associated with various technical fields. The most experienced and best performing transcriptionists go on to become our quality control specialists who ensure all transcription work is error-free and contextually correct.
    The result? Our oral transcription services have a 99 percent accuracy rate. No other transcription company can say the same.
    Assign New Work Easily
    Assigning new oral transcription assignments is easy. Just send us your audio files by email, FTP or via any electronic medical record system. You can create your audio file with any digital audio recorder or smart phone. We also have a toll-free telephone dictation system for your convenience. Once we receive your audio file, our team will work diligently to transcribe before sending to the quality control specialists. The polished, digitized transcription will then be sent to you, just 12 hours later
    Use Eyered and your oral transcription needs will never be a problem again.