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Endocrinology Transcription Services
For the diagnosis and management of certain diseases such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, lipid disorders, obesity, and hypertension, an endocrinologist analyzes the behavior and function of endocrine glands. As an important branch of diagnostic sciences, endocrinology transcription is a sought after service that facilitates health care providers to manage patient and diagnostic reports better. Detailed medical transcripts are also useful to patients at the time of insurance claims to help cover finances for the treatment.
Eyered offers endocrinology transcription services for a number of medical treatment and procedures.
At Eyered, we only rely upon the latest technology and software to achieve 99 percent accuracy in our work. We have a team of highly trained endocrinology transcriptionists who are familiar with jargons and terminologies specific to endocrinology. Our endocrinology transcription service covers both behavioral and comparative endocrinology that assists you to generate wide range of medical reports related to hormones, diagnosis, endocrine procedures, and evaluation within a quick turnaround time of 12 hours.
Just use our advanced and fully secured multiple diction option to send audio files via email or file transfer protocol. Upon receiving the file, our transcriptionists will begin transcribing the files, which thereafter will be analyzed by our quality control specialists.
Cut cost of endocrinology transcription by 60 %
Accuracy and quick turnaround time is not the only part of our service. We also offer a competitive price point that will cut down the transcription cost by 60%. We have an excellent track record of serving clients across various locations namely US. Our offering includes quality and cost productivity which is essential to stay ahead in a competitive market place. To evaluate our endocrinology transcription service we suggest you book a free trial with us.