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    emergency room transcription

    Emergency Room Transcription

    The emergency room is a serious place. It’s fast-paced and dynamic—a place where people’s lives are on the line, where every second could save a life. So when tedious tasks involving documentation, files and paperwork arise, you’re well aware of the strain it puts on your emergency room’s workflow.
    We at Eyered are here to help. Our goal is to deliver quality emergency room transcriptions so you’re not derailed by disorganization. Just say the word and we’re on it.
    You Can Count on Eyered’s Emergency Room Transcription Services
    We’ve been serving clients in the medical industry for over 15 years. Through accurate, high-quality work, we’ve made emergency rooms operate more efficiently across the United States.
    We’re proud of our 12-hour turnaround time and industry-best 99 percent accuracy rate. This is made possible by hiring only the most highly trained and educated transcriptionists who are detail-oriented and work tirelessly to find and correct every error.
    As long as it’s recorded, we can turn it into a neat digital text file you can access via smart phone, tablet or other electronic device. Our process is simple and our service, swift, reliable and always HIPAA compliant.
    Getting Started
    Working with Eyered is simple. First, collect your data through a digital recording device or smartphone. You can also use our toll-free telephone dictation process. Then send your digitally recorded audio file via file transfer protocol, electronic medical record or email. Our transcriptionists will then begin the transcribing your audio files. Once they are done, our quality control specialists take over to ensure that the transcription is perfect before sending back to you.
    Eyered’s emergency room transcription service will help your emergency room run smoothly. Give us a try and see our work speak for itself.