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    audio transcription

    Audio Transcription Services

    Audio records can be pain to handle. Physical media like tapes and CDs can be difficult to store, easily get lost and can be quite fragile, too. A single deep scratch in a CD, for example, could make the audio records stored within inaccessible. If you need a certain portion of an audio recording, highlights of a meeting for example, then you’ll have to listen to all the audio to determine which parts are necessary. This can be a tiresome and time-consuming process for many.
    Luckily, audio transcriptions services will make your life a lot easier. Audio recordings are transcribed into a written digital format that is easy to read and organize. You can also access them whenever you need with any electronic devices like tablets, laptops and smart phones.


    Eyered is one of the leading medical transcription companies today. Our state-of-the-art facilities in India have provided superb audio transcription services for the past 15 years. Our clients include doctors, medical practices, hospitals, law firms and more located in the United States.
    We proudly boast a 99 percent accuracy rate for our audio transcription services. We do this by hiring only the best transcriptionists. We don’t make use of low-cost computer programs that are error-prone and result in the creation of low-quality work. The professionals we hire are experienced, educated and specialized in various professional fields. This guarantees top-notch transcriptions that are up to par with global standards. We also get the very best quality control analysts to ensure that all our audio transcriptions are error-free.
    Getting Audio Transcriptions Done is Easy
    We make it easy for you to assign audio transcription projects to us. You can make dictations by using digital voice recorders, smartphones or our toll-free telephone dictation system. You can then send us your voice recordings via email, FTP or electronic medical record systems like Practice Fusion.

    Once transcriptions are done, our quality control analysts go over the audio transcriptions to check and edit any errors before sending them to the client. You’ll get your voice transcriptions in about 12 hours. Quick and easy.
    Don’t get too stressed about handling audio records. Eyered is your best choice for audio transcription