Why Is Everyone Talking About Hematology Transcription?

May 15, 2020

The field of hematology is experiencing exemplary medical breakthroughs. Are you looking forward to hiring the most affordable, prompt, reliable, accurate, and meticulous hematology transcription solutions? If yes, then you need to find out more reasons as to why the medical industry is highly relying on the hematology transcription services. 

Meaning of Hematology 

The medical specialty comprising the science of blood, blood-producing organs, a blood disorder, Hematology emphasizes special diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases associated with blood and blood-related disorders. This specialty deals with many disorders related to blood cells, platelets, as well as, coagulation systems.

Hematology, the special medical branch that aims to study the diagnosis, problems, functioning, and treatment of elements of human blood, is extremely essential in analyzing etiology. The branch deals with finding out a source of any blood-related disease. 

It involves preventing and treating the diseases that affect the production of blood and its components, such as, platelets, bone marrow, blood vessels, coagulation mechanism, spleen, blood proteins, and hemoglobin. Examples of diseases related to this are blood clots, hemophilia, other bleeding disorders, as well as, blood cancers such as lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and leukemia. The major laboratory work that studies the blood is frequently performed by a well-trained medical laboratory scientist or a medical technologist.

Significance of Hematology Transcription Service 

The work of a hematologist involves the generation of voluminous notes along with lab reports to arrive at the most perfect diagnosis. The aim of a hematologist is also to deliver the best possible results and care to the affected patients. Hematologists may specialize in the following areas of special interest-

  • Treating major bleeding disorders such as idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and hemophilia
  • Treating malignancies related to hematology such as leukemia and lymphoma (cancers)
  • The work associated with blood bank and the science of blood transfusion
  • Treating hemoglobinopathies
  • Stem cell and bone marrow transplantation

In addition to this, their duty involves positive interaction with highly-qualified medical professionals such as oncologists, lab technicians, and other medical technologists, so that they are in a position to understand the underlying causes and effects of various blood and blood-related diseases. These are the reasons why Hematologists look forward to partnering with the most reliable hematology transcription service providers. These transcription service providers are not only well-versed with the most relevant medical terms but they are also capable of coming up with the most reliable, accurate, and efficient transcripts that ensure quality care and safety of the patient.

Hematology-oncology transcription services are offered in the following areas:

  • Cancer treatment
  • chemotherapy
  • experimental treatments
  • Biological therapy
  • ablation therapy
  • blood transfusions
  • transplants
  • blood and bone marrow donations
  • And more

Hematology transcription process:

1. The medical client will upload the dictation for the transcription manager

2. The voice files will be run through an internally developed voice recognition system or engine

3. A medical hematology transcriptionist will prove the report with voice file word by word

4. Then the report will be read by a transcriptionist without the assistance of voice file and he/she will re-listen without any doubtful areas if any

5. A transcriptionist editor will proof-read the report with voice file word by word

6. The transcriptionist editor will read this report without voice file and re-listen to it without any doubtful areas if any

7. The final report is then uploaded to the hematology transcription manager or directly to the client’s platform

8. Feedback from the client is taken for any improvement

What is the specialty of hematology transcription services?

Most of the medical providers look forward to hiring the transcription services of a team full of expert professionals who are having hands-on experience in serving the diverse range of clients in the field of hematology. The highest possible quality services, accuracy, and reliability of the transcriptionists allure the medical providers to try the third-party hematology transcription services. 

The best part about hiring a professional hematology transcriptionist for your hospital or clinic is that you will receive assured technological relevance. At the same time, your medical integrity will be maintained. The hematology transcriptionists adopt the most modern tools, methods, and technologies for efficiently and effectively documenting your critical hematology reports. Further, dictation modes are offered very easily according to the choice and preference of the clients.

Hematology transcription services should not only be accurate and dependable but also HIPAA compliant. Further, let us discuss the other benefits of partnering with a well-qualified and experienced Hematology transcription service provider-

  • Cutting-edge tools, methods, and technologies that assure speed and precision in the work
  • Accessibility of comprehensive and affordable packages fulfilling the diverse needs of the clients of the medical industry
  • Full compliance with the rules, guidelines, and regulations of HIPAA and its processes
  • Medical professionals having hands-on experience for ensuring relevance, accuracy, and speed
  • Fully furnished files presented in the form of clients’ choice
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