Top 7 Common Prejudices About Urology Transcription

March 20, 2020

The practice of transcription involves transcribing audio recordings of medical practitioners into written form to file the past and present medical situation of the patients. These days the HIPAA compliances have increased and all the medical practitioners are required to maintain full-fledged and descriptive records of the patients’ treatment and history which takes a lot of time and effort. The burden with the Urology department is fast increasing because of the increasing work pressure due to several diseases and the doctors can no more devote their precious time in filing and recording. For this purpose either the hospitals need to keep separate staff for transcribing the doctor’s notes or they can outsource this facility to a team of experts who can do all this in a cost-efficient and effective manner. 

However, many medical practitioners are not very comfortable with handing over the transcription work of the urology department to someone else because of several prejudices that still exist in the minds of the medical service providers. Top 7 common prejudices about the Urology Transcription are:

1. The transcription services are very expensive

Many medical providers think that the transcription services are very expensive and this will unnecessarily increase the cost of the medical service providers. However, this is not at all true. The services are highly affordable and they can considerably decrease the cost. You need not pay any fixed expenses for the same. Companies like Eyered offer the service for as low as 7 cents per line with no extra hidden charges. 

2. The transcription services are not safe

This is again a very major myth. The transcription services are very safe and all necessary steps are taken to ensure the safety of data. All the notes are transferred to the transcribers through proper closed channels which cannot be hacked easily. Strict security measures are being implemented by the companies to safeguard the information. 

3. The transcription services are not HIPAA compliant

This is a prejudice that most companies have about the transcription providers which is completely incorrect. There are transcription providers who work in the manner specified by HIPAA and follow all the guidelines given by them. Medical urology providers must make sure to avail of the services from those companies only which work in a HIPAA compliant manner. 

4. The recording of the information is a difficult thing

It is not at all difficult to record the medical notes for the urologists. With advanced technology, it has become much easier to record all the data. The recording can be done through Smartphone apps, on digital recorders, and through the phone. This ensures that you have enough options to record the necessary information at all times. 

5. Cannot rely on the reports made by transcribers

The transcribers are experts and knowledgeable people. They have complete knowledge about the work they are doing and they are well aware of all the medical terms and terminologies. Through their expertise and experience, they can do the work in a very efficient manner without any mistakes. Eyered LLC provides 99%+ accuracy for all the urology transcriptions. The reports are made in the EMR/EHR pattern and are transmitted through secure servers only. 

6. Stressful to deal with the outsiders

There is a common myth that dealing with outsiders for your internal requirements of making the reports is a difficult thing. It is difficult to avail of the services round the clock and there will be delays as constant reminders about the work will have to be sent. However these days the Urology transcription service is highly efficient. Eyered LLC has a turnover of 12 hours and all the transcriptions are provided timely. They provide a stress-free experience through their superior services. 

7. How do I believe in the urology transcription services? 

Many people don’t have trust in the efficiency of the services of the urology transcribers. For them, it is best to try the services themselves first and experience it to see the benefits it can offer. Eyered offers a 7-day free trial so that the medical practitioners can completely experience the services before availing them. 

Thus we can say that these are just the prejudices in the minds of the people and the best way to clear them is to try the service and see the potential benefits which you can gain from them. Urology transcription makes the work of Urologists easy and instead of wasting their time on recording every aspect of the patient history and making the reports, they can easily concentrate on treating more patients and spend more time with them to understand their problem. They can increase their revenue by treating more patients and avoid wastage of time, efforts and money on transcription which can be easily done by someone else.

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