March 4, 2019

Over the years, the need for advanced medical transcription has grown by leaps and bounds; this is due to the fact that hospitals and emergency service providers are often short of staff and need to dedicate as many people as possible to care of for the sick. Therefore, often the best way forward is to outsource transcription requirements to an agency which is not only well-equipped but is dedicated solely to offering such services. Moreover, there are many benefits when it comes to outsourcing your medical transcription services. Let’s have a look.


Maintaining an in-house staff for transcription can often result in inflated costs and unnecessary hassles. Therefore, many find outsourcing to be the most viable alternative to hiring additional staff in-house. Compared to an in-house team; outsourced services are scalable, meaning, as your demand increases it’s the agency’s responsibility to provide you with unhindered services. When you outsource, you have access to an army of transcriptionists. And the best part is that you only pay for the work that gets done; thus, saving you money in the long run.


There are times when you might need the services of a specialist and you might not necessarily have that kind of a person on your payroll. Moreover, if you decide to hire, chances are, once the work gets done, that person is going to sit idle till the time such a requirement arises in the future. This is again going to inflate your overall costs. Advanced medical transcription service providers offer you specialized services whenever needed at competitive rates, that way, you only pay for specialized services when you actually need them rather than having to pay someone just for the sake of having a specialist in-house.


This is another reason why hospitals prefer us when they decide to outsource. We at Eyered have a streamlined process and there is nothing that you need to manage as we take care of everything. With a scalable taskforce at hand, we can dedicate as many or as less resources we deem fit to get the job done. All you need is to quote you requirement and we take care of the rest.


Ensuring the overall quality of the transcripts can often get too cumbersome for hospitals already reeling under a staff crunch and with so many other things to take care of. However, the quality of the transcripts is not something you can ignore as they need to be 100% accurate. At Eyered, this is one of the core areas we concentrate on to provide you with reports that are accurate with a quick turnaround time. Our staff is well-trained and qualified to perform at its optimum regardless of the volume of work at hand.

Outsourcing your advanced medical transcription requirements yields better results compared to when you do it in-house. This is because, hospitals primary responsibility is to dedicate as many resources possible to caring for the sick and wounded; while worrying less about the paperwork. Moreover, they save almost 30% which would otherwise go into paying full-time salaries and other benefits should they decide to hire an in-house team of medical transcriptionists. Therefore, unless you absolutely need that extra manpower in-house, outsourcing is definitely the best way forward!

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