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July 23, 2020

Trending Medical Transcription Software With the Best Voice Recognition Features

What is medical transcription software?A medical transcription software helps in processing, transcribing, interpreting, and converting digital voice recordings into text that can be used by the medical professionals as and when required. The basic objective of medical transcription software is to leverage machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural learning process technologies, and speech recognition to translate speech to text or voice recording transcription efficiently and effectively. It also helps in storing the recorded dictations.

A medical transcription software assists in reducing both times, as well as, cumbersome clinical documentation. This enables doctors and physicians to focus on delivering quality care to the patients. Doctors, physicians, and nurses dictate medical recordings into the software solution and medical transcription solution produces medical text and generates reports which can be stored digitally.

What is voice recognition software?

A voice recognition software converts spoken language into texts with the help of speech recognition algorithms. More advanced versions of this software offer artificial intelligence and biometric voice recognition.

Some of the best combinations of medical transcription software with the best voice recognition features:

A combination of medical transcription software with voice recognition features works out the best in the medical industry. Audio recordings get converted into texts with recognition models facilitating multiple languages. Clinical documentation and clinical workflows are supported to adapt to noisy speech and deliver the best report.

Some of the most renowned ones are listed below:

1.WebChartMD: It is a cloud-based transcription software particularly developed to serve the hospitals and medical practices with clinical documentation and clinical dictation. It streamlines the medical workflows with the best in-built voice recognition system.

2.Phrase expander: You can instantly record your frequently typed phrases or you can generate a full-note with the help of the best features of the software.

3.Dragon speech recognition: It is a window-based premium transcription software for medical voice dictation. The process is extremely fluid and works at a speed of 160 words per minute.

4.Sonix: If you want to convert your medical audio or video into texts within minutes, then this medical transcription software is the best for you. It can transcribe a 30-40minute audio or video file into text within 4-5 minutes. It offers a completely hassle-free and stress-free solution. Audio and text are perfectly synchronized for an easy user-access.

5.Intelligent medical software: This software is a cloud-based EMR suite of solutions designed for the healthcare industry. Clinical flow charts, clinical decision support, chronic care management, and health maintenance with the best voice recognition solutions are its key features.

6.Radekal: It is an automatic progress generation and electronic health record solution developed to streamline the process of recording patient’s reports.

7.Zydoc SpeechDoc: It is a web-based instant transcribing software.

8.SppechRite: SpeechRite is a front-end perfect speech recognition software that aims to offer a complete workflow solution to support all dictations for radiology. Users can instantly view, edit, and sign the transcriptions electronically.

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February 28, 2020

The top transcription software: The perfect transcription solution for the medical industry!

From a generation of clinical documentation of patient records and encounters to regular administrative documents, healthcare organizations generate innumerable notes regularly. The healthcare providers are resorting to voice recognition software to dictate their clinical documentation. However, voice recognition software has its limitations. Accuracy remains a question mark in this software and they require regular proofreading work by the assistants or providers after the completion of the work. 

Although the speech recognition software is constantly improving with the help of new technological advances, the need for a human touch in the medical documents can not be eliminated. 

Most of the healthcare organizations are outsourcing their medical transcription requirements. Healthcare providers are taking the help of medical transcription services. You simply have to upload an audio file to them through various methods, an intelligent and experienced medical transcriptionist will turn your voice into reliable written health notes and records.

The major advantage of these medical transcription services is that it does not need much proofreading as proofreading is an imperative part of the quality assurance process. The accuracy rate of medical transcription software is much higher than the voice recognition software. Moreover, medical software can go beyond the systems to help you in the best possible manner and provide the best of the services.

Do you want to know some of the best picks in the medical transcription industry?

Here is a list of a few medical transcription software that can bring something unique to the table, offering world-class integration with the different workflows and suiting the different practices of any organization. 

1. WebChartMD- It is a cloud-based transcription software designed to assist medical practitioners, clinics and hospitals with clinical dictation and documentation. Some of the key features performed by this software are EHR interface development, billing, issue tracking, patient scheduling, workforce management, and data tracking.

2. ZyDoc SpeechDoc- It is a mobile-based transcription app software for doctors, both small and big, and medical practices with EHR connectivity. This solution offers medical specialties as well as sub-specialties with proper compliant solutions. It is a mobile-based app ideal for Android and iOS which helps the doctors to view their daily schedules, select their jobs and patients and dictate through a smartphone. Further, it helps the doctors and practitioners to ease out their routine procedures by securely transcribing medical dictation. Doctors will be able to set default texts and use customized templates, standard clauses, and documentation by exception to shorten dictation time. It also helps in signing the reports from anywhere in the world with the help of a connected device.

3. PhraseExpander- This software is amazing to use as it is so intuitive. The best part about this software is that if you are facing any small issue (like problems in updating the software), you can simply mail the founder and your issue will be resolved within minutes. It is a perfect software for maintaining medical records, data entry, and medical transcription.

4. Dragon speech recognition- With this software, you can convert speech into text in a simple manner by dictating it into windows-based applications at a speed of 160 words per minute.

5. Sonix- It is an ideal audio and video transcription solution which is enabling the medical practitioners and doctors to organize, transcribe, and search audio and video files. The software is fully automated and can transcribe thirty minutes of audio and video files into three-four minutes. The medical industry can transcribe quickly and in a stress-free manner.

As it is fully automated software, it might not be a hundred percent accurate. Sonix allows easy reviewing and editing of the various transcripts. Further, it facilitates uploading, as well as, importing the audio and video files. The editing process can be simplified by the users as they can speed up or slow down the playback. Sonix allows the exporting of transcripts into many different formats such as text files and Microsoft Word.

6. Intelligent Medical software- It helps in medical scheduling, medical billing, medical lab, medical practice management, medical records, optometry, and medical imaging.

7. Radekal– It is an automatic progress note generation and fully automated electronic health record EHR which is designed to streamline the complex processes of patient recordings.

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