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October 14, 2020

Medical transcription rates – How much does it cost in Australia

Medical Transcription services have become common these days. More and more medical professionals are availing the services from the experts to save their time, money and efforts; as well as to increase their work efficiency by outsourcing the mandatory record documentations. Getting the services of transcription are very easy and the medical transcription rate Australia is quite affordable.

Why hire transcription services?

Hiring expert medical transcription services in Australia can ease out the lives of the clinicians. The doctors just need to record the audios of patient data and send them over through the internet. The audios are converted into written text for medical filing and recording. It is much more affordable and efficient than hiring an in-house expert for the same. The turnaround time for the transcription is generally very less which further makes the work more efficient and improves the payment cycle.

How much does medical transcription cost in Australia?

The medical transcription rates vary in Australia. Some firms charge on per line basis while some charge based on per minute or per- hour. There is no fixed pricing model for all firms. The charges further vary with the level of services provided including the accuracy and turn-around time. It is best to go for a per-line transcription rate as that is most cost-efficient. The speed of speech varies for each practitioner and therefore charging based on time can lead to unnecessary charges.

Prices of medical transcription at Eyered

  • At Eyered transcription, the medical transcription services are highly affordable. The medical transcription rate in Australia is just 7 cents per line. There is just a slight extra charge for using the toll-free number as the dictation option. Other options are free of charge.
  • A line comprises 65 characters and the calculation is done accordingly. The character count of the document is divided by 65 to arrive at the line count.
  • An additional charge of 1.5 cents per line is charged for availing the toll-free option.
  • The invoices for the same are generated at the end of the calendar month. The invoices are accompanied by detailed statements describing the line count for each document.
  • There are no monthly minimum requirements. Eyered works with all the clients for all sizes and volumes of data.

Facilities at Eyered Medical Transcription

Eyered Medical transcription services provide high- quality services at affordable prices. It ensures a high-quality, on-time and cost-effective service for the medical practitioners. Even a single mistake in the transcription can cost the patient his life and lead to serious personal and legal consequences for the doctor. Therefore, keeping in mind the importance of the process, Eyered only recruits experienced and well-trained staff for the transcription services. Some of the features of Eyered transcription services are:

  • Turnaround time of 24 hours
  • 99%+ accuracy level
  • Multiple dictation options for the ease of clinicians
  • Fully secure environment as the network is completely protected
  • Free trial for 7 days
  • Experienced staff
  • Specializes in multiple fields including cardiology, gastroenteritis, pediatrics, neurology, psychiatric etc.