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December 2, 2020

How to Choose a Top Transcription Company in Australia?

Transcription involves getting your audio files converted into written records for business convenience. It is quite a cost and time effective technique which increases business efficiency. Transcription services have become the talk of the town these days but not all companies can provide you with the actual benefits you deserve to get from it. If you are living in Australia, then you will get to see tons of advertisement about the companies providing transcription services. If you are looking for the top transcription company Australia, then you should look out for the following factors to make the right choice.

1.Turnaround time: The business world is quite fast-paced and you need to be quick and efficient all the time. While choosing the best transcription company Australia, it is necessary to see how quickly the company can convert your audio files into written text.

2.Accuracy of the work: Along with the speed, it is essential to see that the work is accurate. Quality is an important concern for transcription projects. The professionals should offer an accuracy level of over 99%.

3.Transparent pricing policy: A transparent pricing structure is essential for every business. Transcription services should be affordable and all the costs must be revealed before-hand.

4.Security – The information should be accessible only to the authorized person. The network must be fully secured so that no confidential information moves out of the firm. The files mostly contain information regarding personal details, financial statements, court cases, business meetings etc. which includes high-security data and any breach in the process can tarnish the image of the firm.

5.Ease of use- The transcription services must be convenient to use. There must be multiple dictation options so that people can easily record audio files without much hassle. This will ensure time-efficiency and convenience.

Eyered Transcription services
Eyered Transcription services provide excellent transcription services. Eyered is one of the top transcription company Australia which matches all the above factors.

•It offers a turnaround time of just 12 hours. You can submit your audios by night and get written files the following morning. They capitalize on the time difference between different countries and provide quick services.

•Eyered offers 99%+ accuracy. They appoint only experts who listen, understand and then transcribe the files. All the work is done manually and not through the softwares to ensure that there are no mistakes.

•The pricing is one of the best features of Eyered. They offer a flat rate of 7 cents per line with 65 keystrokes per line. There are no hidden costs.

•Eyered offers a highly secure environment. They conform to the strictest security regulations to ensure that there is no breach of data.

•It offers multiple dictation options including a digital voice recorder, toll-free number and smartphone application for maximum convenience.

So, if you are searching for an excellent transcription company Australia, then avail the 7-day free trial of Eyered to see whether they live up to your expectation or not.