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November 20, 2016

The Role of Quality Medical Transcription

Medical industry in the United States is booming. It is consists of hospitals, medical centres, private doctor’s offices, therapy centres, the medical insurance industry and other aiding industries. Medical practitioners require better assistance to focus on their core activity of improving the condition of the patients. Apart from skilled nurses and helping staff, medical transcriptionists play a vital role in improving the services offered by medical practitioners.

Medical transcription makes it easy and quick for medical practitioners/ individual physicians to maintain patient’s records and related documents. As professional transcriptionists provide timely and accurate transcriptions to make sure that physician get their vocal dictations accurately transcribed into well-polished, written documents. Quality medical transcription plays a key role in medical practice. Besides, it is also crucial for other medical professionals, and insurance companies that will be reviewing claims.

There are usually three ways to transcribe medical documents: perform transcription in-house, outsource it to a medical transcription service, or use voice-recognition software to digitally translate verbal dictation into the written word.

A medical transcriptionist need to possess varied knowledge bases including medical lexicon, anatomy, physiology, language, grammar, and word-processing programs. Medical needs need to be accurate and hence transcriptionist must possess skills and knowledge to transcribe the required documents. They must also be capable of using modern technologies used for transcription process.

While voice recognition software has been available for over a decade, it makes many errors when complex medical terms and different speech sounds are used. Medical transcriptionists catch vocal errors as well as typing errors created by voice recognition software. Computer are great but they are automated and they need human to operate and control them. When you hire medical transcriptionist, you can rely more on their services and if in any rare case any error occur, you can complain transcriptionist to eliminate the errors.

As a physician, nurse or other kind of healthcare worker, medical transcription can be your great support in making patient’s records. You simply need to record your voice with the smartphone app and submit your dictation via app or desktop portals of your chosen transcription service provider and their trained medical transcription experts will take care of the rest.

Healthcare physicians need accuracy in their reports, but they don’t have time to edit and proof read reports created on computer using voice recognition software. Software cannot replace the need of medical transcriptionist. In the present digital era, medical transcription is an ideal way to convert the patient’s data into the electronic form. This electronic data not only ensures that physicians possess all the details about a patient’s visit to the health center or clinic, but it can be used for carrying out research in the medical field. Thus, medical transcription is growing as an industry and serving healthcare units and medical practitioners all across the globe.

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June 20, 2016

Advantages & Features of Medical Transcription

Doctors, physicians and other healthcare professionals plays a vital role in saving people’s lives as well as improving the quality of their lives. Their job requires long hours of work and often sacrificing personal interest to fulfil their duties. It is prudent for health care professionals to get assistance from efficient administrative and non-administrative staff to perform their task efficiently and focus on their core activities. It is one of the reasons for growing importance of medical transcriptionists as they provide valuable assistance to health care professionals.

Professional medical transcriptionists assure that your documents are exactly as you need them and when you need them. They use state of art medical dictation technology and employs qualified and experienced medical transcriptionists along with software technologies to provide end-to-end solutions. Each and every medical transcription undergoes a thorough review from our quality assurance team to guarantee best possible results.

When you outsource medical transcription services to professional transcription company, it usually includes some or all of the following features:

  • Medical transcriptionists convert spoken language or medical dictation by health care professional into written, typewritten or printed form through internet based medical transcription platform
  • Transcriptions or medical dictations are obtained from virtually all kinds of formats, including digital files, DVDs, CDs, and older technology like cassettes and microcassettes.
  • Fast electronic delivery of transcribed documents to meet fastest turnaround time
  • Comprehensive monitoring capabilities for e-signature, printing, faxing, speech recognition, TAT’s and line counts
  • Seamless transition from your current transcription service within shortest span of time usually 24 to 48 hours
  • HIPAA compliance to ensure redundant security of your patients’ information
  • Medical dictation service offer via telephone line or upload via Digital Voice Recorder
  • The use of state-of-the-art secure technology and encryption protocols for all transmission, storage, and access of information.

Professional medical transcription companies have dedicated professional transcriptionists to provide medical transcription services with all the bells-n-whistles like 24/7 availability, quick turnaround and accuracy. It is crucial that medical transcription is conducted carefully. There are many factors that go into successful medical transcription process including quality of the audio, number of speakers, time coding, subject matter and turnaround time.

Medical records are used for several purposes. It helps the doctors evaluate the current physical condition and know the most suitable treatment plan. It is also used for quick and correct follow-up measures. These records are used to bill insurance companies for claims and reimbursements. It is important to maintain medical records. With today’s advanced technology, it has become possible for healthcare professionals to get accurate transcription by using right technology and skilled transcriptionists. By outsourcing medical transcription, medical professionals can focus better on their key objectives and core activities, while medical transcriptionists make sure things don’t get miscommunicated that could jeopardize patient care. It is crucial that transcriptions are executed by highly experienced transcriptionists having expertise to transcribe specific medical terminology that is unique to each individual medical specialty area.

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