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March 25, 2019



The sole purpose of working of doctors is to save lives. They always try their best to improve the wellbeing and health of their patients.
    For providing effective care, a physician always requires the exact information. He really needs to know exactly what is going on with the patient. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to determine. It often takes so many appointments, tests, scans, diagnoses before a conclusion can be reached.
   The documentation is the key that draws together all the strands of information. Each and every interaction is recorded in detail so as to draw a complete picture of the conclusions and the outcomes.

If a new see the whole process of the dictation work, it looks very simple. The core process of dictation is:- A physician or a healthcare professional dictates into a device, that audio is sent to a transcriptionist who then types it into a document. The clinician can then review the document, sign it and allow or authorize it to be sent.
A number of dictation workflows call the audio creator the author and the transcriptionist a typist.
All the attempts of formatting, editing and typing are taken away from the physicians. The doctor only needs to produce the initial dictation file.

There are the basic 3 levels that the medical dictation requires. First an author, second a typist and finally a process of connecting the audio produced by the physician with the typist.

Generally, the authors in the medical industry are clinicians and doctors. Being fond of dictation is not always easy. One needs to speak clearly and eliminate the low sounds as much as possible that is used in the general conversation (like Umm, err, hmmm mm ). But dictation is many times faster than writing the document by hand.
Typists are the backbone of the dictation system. In the medical setting a dictated audio file is tough to use and can’t say to other users at a glance what they need to know. Typists, like clinicians, require some training and experience to perform according to the requirements of the healthcare industry. Typists need the familiarisation with the dictation files, with the patterns of speech and with some of the nuance that each and every clinician might have the way they work.
Finally, a dictation system is needed. Something that can collect the dictation files from the authors and connect typists to perform the transcription. In recent years it has often been performed with the audio tapes. Nowadays digital dictation is very popular. The digital dictation system includes an input device like a dictaphone or mobile phone and software to manage the files. Depending upon the needs for data security the system may need a server solution.

There are so many latest techniques for medical dictation to use. Let me talk in brief. Have you ever faced such kind of problems when you are trying to record a patient’s data with maximum quality and clarity but you are unable to get the desired result? As a doctor or medical faculty, you better know that the clarity of dictation is very important. Especially it greatly contributes to the accuracy of the transcribed medical record. If the recording will not be clear, even a certified Medical Transcription Companies will find it inconvenient to convert the records and might end up wasting too much time and efforts. Also yet, there is no assurance that the records will be accurate. And we better know the quality rating of the most transcription companies depend upon the sound quality of the audio files.


Always try to choose an area with less surrounding noise, especially microphones catch noises very easily. Dictating in a quiet and secure surrounding will definitely improve the result and also maintain the patient confidential. It is the best practice for Medical Dictation not to record in the areas having surrounding noises and distractions like – people talking, ringing cell phones, music sounds, vacuum, other speakers and beepers, etc. Even the voice of air conditioning can be multiplied in the background. Sometimes, you have no option but to dictate in the outdoor location, then you should try to avoid such areas like a lot of traffic noises, very windy type of areas. These factors can compromise audio quality.

The conversational tone should be at a normal rate. So, the transcriptionists can understand the dictation easily. who needs to provide the quality records. Also depending upon the microphones. The recorder needs to be placed about 3/4″ from the mouth in an upright level position so that sound hits over the top of the microphone and not directly into it. If you are using a smartphone or tablet then it’s essential to know where the mic is to make sure that you are not covering it with your hand while recording. Generally, microphones over built-in microphones provide better quality.

Brief your team members about the digital audio recording and if they too are going to participate in the recording. For better quality request them to speak one person at one time in a clear voice and slow rate of speech. You may also tell him to avoid talking to one another during the recording.

Before sending the recording to the transcriptionist, it will be the best to first conduct a test of your own recording. Talk a few sentences and then check the sound level and the quality of the recording. It will give you an overall idea of quality and your speech. It will also give you an idea about what you need to include and what you need to remove.

The medical terminologies can be difficult for the transcriptionists to decipher at times. You should make a note of unusual or difficult terms, similar sounding words and the names of referring physicians. If you think there can be a chance of confusion then it’s better to spell it out. While most certified dictation services hire competent transcriptionists who generally do double check the spelling. Sometimes when the words are not able to transcribe they end up leaving the blank spaces in the transcript.

Overall it’s better to use well-certified transcriptionists who can easily understand a wide spectrum of accents and dictations to a certain degree. To get to know whether your accent will be understood by the transcriptionist, you should first submit a sample dictation as a test. Physicians are highly concerned about the accuracy of transcribed reports. Especially as mistakes can cause considerably severe legal and financial impact.   As it depends upon the dictation. You should try as much as possible to record a file that has no background noise.

The feedback is also a major part to improve the quality of your work. Timely feedback is very important when working with new transcriptionists, and continues to be important if an issue arises. Corrections must be performed for free prior to final approval. Changes due to author error generally incur a charge.


Key for Better Services- Good Dictation & Work Habits

Instead of using a keyboard and mouse using speech to document encounters are more natural. In a recent NIH-supported research study by ZyDoc, Clinical dictation has been shown to be an average of 2.5 times faster than typing. Dictation needs to be learned where speaking is a more natural modality, good speech habits.

Achieving excellent transcription also demands attention to workflow details such as providing completed information and correct information. Getting the right information saves time and frustration for both the author and the transcriptionist, and reduces the probability of the errors.


In the early stage “Speech Recognition Technology” emerged as the proposed solution for saving the clinical documentation time. Front-end SRT allows an author to dictate, also monitor of the text on  the screen with minimal lag time and perform immediate edits. Back-end SRT reviews correct, or in some cases, re-types the report after completion of a dictation session for subsequent routing to a transcriptionist or editor.

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March 4, 2019


There are tons of affordable transcription services. A quick search on google look will provide you with results from top to the last page. Along these lines, choosing the right transcription services can be difficult in the event that you don’t approach it methodically.

One of the initial steps to hitting the nail on the head is to have a reasonable feeling of what your requirements are. Is time or cost-effectiveness generally important? Do you have one or bulk task? Is it true that you are after average transcription services or searching for esteem value-adons to achieve efficiency in your business?

Diverse transcription services have distinctive qualities and shortcomings. Taking a look at their sites will give you a reasonable thought what these are. Furthermore, you can send an enquiry for points of interest.



Most importantly, ensure you cautiously evaluate the nature of company being advertised. At least 99% precision is fundamental for solid transcripts. In the event that they do promote high precision, discover how they can promise it. For instance, take a look at how powerful their quality-control forms are and if they are certified.


Does the service provider give a consolidated price for every one of the services offered? Or on the other hand are there hidden costs appended relying upon which additional items you pick? The more factor the valuing, the harder it will be for you to choose what you can and can’t afford.


Does the price appear to be reasonable? A few sellers like to push unreasonable shoddy per-minute rates but there are also others who provide quality by being the affordable transcription service providers. Nonetheless, regardless of whether they’re really ready to ensure quality and precision is impossible to say. On the off chance that you do take the least expensive alternative, you may finish up going through out on a second supplier or waste your own time re-doing it.


It’s imperative that your transcription service provider has thorough inward procedures. This guarantees that they can save the secrecy of data contained inside your sound documents and keep the spillage of any delicate information. For genuine feelings of serenity, just pick a service provider that has Information Security Certification.


Another important point is the capabilities of the individual’s identity taking a shot at your record. The best transcribers will be local dialect speakers, subject matter experts, top college graduates and prepared quality experts. Their experience will empower them to get on the gentler parts of transcription, for example, tongues, slang, sayings and other social subtleties, enhancing the general quality.


On the off chance that your undertakings are sizeable and you are searching for mass transcription benefits, it’s critical to pick a supplier who has this kind of experience. In the event that you pick one that doesn’t, your transcripts might be conveyed late, or with mistakes, because of their wasteful aspects.


One more factor to think about while picking a transcription specialist organization is their capacity to check who they state they are. Take a look at their past work to perceive what they are able to do. Furthermore, read the referrals and testimonials on their site, just as on outsider.


At long last, before you settle on a choice, verify whether they give any valuable or complimentary services. Working with a service provider that offers other dialect services, for example, editing and copyediting, transcriptions, and inscribing and subtitling can be exceptionally convenient and more financially savvy.

When looking for a cheap transcription services, it is imperative to discover an organization that takes care of business in an auspicious way and with a high level of precision. Similarly essential, be that as it may, is remaining inside your financial plan and not overpaying for interpretation.

Comprehend a Company’s Specialties

All transcription isn’t made equivalent. An organization known as the best in the business for medical transcription probably won’t be the best place to look while getting court or business transcription. Any transcription organization worth procuring has a very much created site that subtleties its experience and mastery.


Decades back, buyers, except if sufficiently fortunate to have companions and relatives who had worked with an organization, confronted extraordinary trouble discovering what the organization’s past clients thought of their experience. With the abundance of data accessible on the web, most settled transcription organizations have somewhere around a couple of surveys out there. Concentrate these cautiously. In the event that an organization awes you, seeming to offer quality and reasonable transcription, however something referenced in a survey makes you attentive, don’t dither to contact the organization and address the issue straightforwardly.


Somewhere else you can discover most settled transcription organizations is via social media, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Online networking site is an extraordinary place to explore a business since you can see the manner by which it draws in with its current, past and forthcoming clients. An organization that answers rapidly to questions and remarks on its internet based is likely client engaged and simple to work with.

Picking the correct transcription services may appear to be an extreme errand. In any case, by investing some energy doing adequate research you can guarantee both the security of your information and the quality and precision of your interpretations – and spare yourself time and cash all the while. Eyered offers quality transcription services at reasonable rates and ensures a quick delivery. Visit our website and talk to our expert today.

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November 30, 2018

Medical transcription outsourcing in a dynamic healthcare environment

Given the complex nature of the healthcare sector, it is important to create a balance between human element and technology to ensure safety of patients. Whether it’s medical billing, coding or medical transcription, even a slightest error can cost a patient’s life. After eight years of research and analysis, Johns Hopkins patient safety experts reached a conclusion that medical error is the third largest cause of deaths in the US. Nearly 10 percent of deaths in US are because of medical errors in last few years, and faulty transcription is a common form of error.

Medical errors remained unnoticed s a cause of death for the longest time not just in the USA but all over the world. However, today it is taken quite seriously by the healthcare industry thanks to several studies in that sphere.. The healthcare sector is now relying more upon offshore medical transcription services to prevent the chances of errors to create medical reports and recording patients’ details.

Why take help of professional medical transcriptionists?

Over the last few years, the advent of medical transcription technology has made the task of creating different types of medical reports more reliable and efficient. Professional medical transcriptionists have taken the level of their service a notch higher by making the best use of technological aids for speech recognition and digital reading. There are many medical transcription agencies that take help of technological aids and adhere to quality control measures to provide exceptional transcription service. Along with these benefits, there are several other factors that add to the demand for offshore medical transcription services.

  • Better accuracy: The best way to prevent medical errors is takehelp from medical transcriptionists who work in a more streamlined manner to give optimal results. When healthcare professionals rely upon in-house medical transcriptionists or do it themselves, the quality check process may be slackened due to lack of stringent guidelines. is . But, when the same service is outsourced to a medical transcription agency dedicated to this task, adequate quality control measures are adopted at many levels.
  • Streamlined process: Managing turnaround time and keeping a check on quality parameters is a major responsibility of medical transcription agencies, once the job is outsourced to them. This helps healthcare professionals get faster hold on transcribed files and accuracy without any need to train and supervise in-house transcriptionists. Offshore medical transcription services streamline the overall process by taking help of expert and experienced transcriptionists from all corners of the world.
  • Skilled service: The perk of outsourcing medical transcription service to an offshore location is that healthcare professionals get access to skilled workforce. This helps them to get e reliable and accurate transcription service from skilled workforce. From maintaining accurate medical reports to easy retrieval of patient information and providing flexible dictation options, medical transcription professionals are expert at managing the entire process.
  • Economical: When healthcare professionals outsource medical transcription tasks, they need to pay only for those services that they are availing. On the contrary, if they are taking the service of in-house transcriptionists, the overhead expenses of salary and maintenance of a new department need to be met on a regular basis.  
  • Reduced workload: Making consultation reports, patient history report, laboratory report, and physical examination report may seem an easy task for some healthcare professionals, but the reality is not the same. These jobs consume a lot of time with fewer chances of control over quality and accuracy. By sharing the additional load of medical practitioners and letting them concentrate on their core task, medical transcription agencies are a great help.

Preparing transcripts for all types of medical reports and delivering them within the pre-defined turnaround time are the biggest challenges that offshore medical transcription agencies are expert in dealing with. A trusted medical transcription company not only helps clinicians, physicians and multi-specialty groups in preparing medical transcripts but also let them build a rapport of trust with their patients. When it comes to data security, medical transcription agencies share data in an encrypted form without disclosing patients’ details to the third party. So, why not search for the best medical transcription agencies offshore and benefit from their expertise?

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November 30, 2018

A Guide on Techniques Used During Medical Dictation

Have you come across to a situation where you wanted to record a patient’s data with clarity but not able to do it? As a healthcare professional, you understand the importance of medical dictation, especially if it results in the accuracy of the transcribed medical data. In case the recording is unclear, even a certified medical transcription provider would not be able to convert the data into records. Therefore, to ensure the proper recording of medical data, it is essential to keep the following techniques into consideration. These tips you should use while recording an audio file for a medical purpose:

Keep surrounding noises at bay: Try to choose that area where there is less surrounding noise. Medical dictation in the quiet and peaceful atmosphere can help in improving results and it also maintains the confidentiality of the patient. It is advised that you do not record in those areas where there are background noise and distractions. At times, the noise of air-conditioning can cause troubles. If you can’t go indoors for medical dictation then make sure you avoid areas with lots of traffic noises, windy areas, etc; which can hamper the audio quality.

Speak into the microphone with clarity: It is essential to talk at a normal pace so that medical dictation is audible to medical transcriptionists. Further, on the basis of the microphone, it is essential that a recorder should be held for nearly 3/4″ from the mouth in the upright position so that sound travels in the right direction. If you are using a tablet, check its mike to make sure that you are not covering it with your hand while talking.

Make sure only one person talks at a time: Brief your team about the digital audio recording and if they will also participate in the recording, tell them to speak only one at a time. Also, ask them not to speak to each during recording. Make sure they do not make noise while recording.

Do test before recording: Before you send the medical dictation, it is best to test it first. Talk a few sentences to check the quality of the recording. It will help you know the audio quality and your speech level. Also, prior tests would help you know the background noises that you should remove.

Dictate and save the information immediately: It is advised to dictate right after your encounter with a patient. In this way, the information will remain fresh in your mind and errors will always be less. Also, once you have finished the recording, ensure the safety of your data by transferring it either to your computer or transcription provider. Also, you should take the backup of the information on a USB drive to ensure the security of the patient’s data.

Be prudent while recording difficult terminologies: Many times, medical transcription providers may find it difficult to decipher medical terminology. To avoid this, take note of difficult words, drugs, similar sounding words and names of doctors. If you feel a scope of confusion, it is good to spell out the words. While most of the competent medical transcription providers will double-check spelling, but still it is important that you act carefully and leave no scope of confusion. Sometimes, when transcripts fail to transcribe the words, they leave empty blanks in the transcript. If this happens, it can lead to extra time and cost in getting the document transcribed.

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At last, it is necessary to avail the services of qualified medical transcriptionists who have experience and expertise in understanding a wide spectrum of accents and dictation. At Eyered Transcription Services, a leading medical transcription service provider, you can avail the services of reputed medical transcription providers as per your needs.  Here you get three convenient dictation options to choose from.

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