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November 20, 2016

The Role of Quality Medical Transcription

Medical industry in the United States is booming. It is consists of hospitals, medical centres, private doctor’s offices, therapy centres, the medical insurance industry and other aiding industries. Medical practitioners require better assistance to focus on their core activity of improving the condition of the patients. Apart from skilled nurses and helping staff, medical transcriptionists play a vital role in improving the services offered by medical practitioners.

Medical transcription makes it easy and quick for medical practitioners/ individual physicians to maintain patient’s records and related documents. As professional transcriptionists provide timely and accurate transcriptions to make sure that physician get their vocal dictations accurately transcribed into well-polished, written documents. Quality medical transcription plays a key role in medical practice. Besides, it is also crucial for other medical professionals, and insurance companies that will be reviewing claims.

There are usually three ways to transcribe medical documents: perform transcription in-house, outsource it to a medical transcription service, or use voice-recognition software to digitally translate verbal dictation into the written word.

A medical transcriptionist need to possess varied knowledge bases including medical lexicon, anatomy, physiology, language, grammar, and word-processing programs. Medical needs need to be accurate and hence transcriptionist must possess skills and knowledge to transcribe the required documents. They must also be capable of using modern technologies used for transcription process.

While voice recognition software has been available for over a decade, it makes many errors when complex medical terms and different speech sounds are used. Medical transcriptionists catch vocal errors as well as typing errors created by voice recognition software. Computer are great but they are automated and they need human to operate and control them. When you hire medical transcriptionist, you can rely more on their services and if in any rare case any error occur, you can complain transcriptionist to eliminate the errors.

As a physician, nurse or other kind of healthcare worker, medical transcription can be your great support in making patient’s records. You simply need to record your voice with the smartphone app and submit your dictation via app or desktop portals of your chosen transcription service provider and their trained medical transcription experts will take care of the rest.

Healthcare physicians need accuracy in their reports, but they don’t have time to edit and proof read reports created on computer using voice recognition software. Software cannot replace the need of medical transcriptionist. In the present digital era, medical transcription is an ideal way to convert the patient’s data into the electronic form. This electronic data not only ensures that physicians possess all the details about a patient’s visit to the health center or clinic, but it can be used for carrying out research in the medical field. Thus, medical transcription is growing as an industry and serving healthcare units and medical practitioners all across the globe.

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June 20, 2016

What Is The Need Of Pathology Transcription Service?

Pathologists are physicians who use various laboratory methods to diagnose and study diseases. Electronic media plays a crucial role in the pathology sector. Be it the conversations between doctors, pathologists and patients, medical history or any other sort of important information; the recording is more useful than just writing. However, in the long run, these recordings need to be converted into text format for the advantage of the medical professionals. This is where a medical transcriptionist helps. Why you need pathology transcription services, here are some of its reasons:

  1. Time and Money Saver: When you hire a medical transcription service provider, it helps in reducing your money and time. These service providers not only transfer your files online but they also offer toll-free recording facilities. They have a quick turnaround time that can vary anywhere between 12-24 hours. Once the pathology transcribed reports are made, you can easily access them anytime. It helps in saving a lot of time and money which you would have to otherwise spend on generating reports in-house. Further, you can cut expenses on capital investment, training and infrastructure. In this way, you get more time to focus on other necessary aspects.
  2. Efficient Medical Transcriptionists: When you hire the services of a reputed pathology transcription service provider, talented and experienced medical editors and writers write your medical records. As a result, these reports are of high quality and in close conformity to a customer’s expectations. Moreover, whenever a report is transcribed, it ensures that there is no missing data. Further, it is easy to take a backup of all the information for future reference.
  3. Top-Notch Quality: Pathology transcription providers are aware of security, confidentiality and quality associated with medical records. Though they are backed with experts, they do not ignore the value of quality checks. As a result, once the medical records are created, they have to go through stringent quality tests before they reach you. It increases accuracy, quality and clarity of records. Moreover, your data is always secured as this information is not available on the public internet domain.

Medical transcription providers make the best use of the sophisticated tools to produce a high number of medical records in the desired format.

Pathology transcription services play a crucial role in curtailing the burden of healthcare professionals by providing necessary medical information in easy to comprehend write-ups!

Having accurate pathology transcription is necessary not only for you but for the complete peace of patient as well. Companies like Eyered support pathologists with the wide range of pathology transcription solutions, like:

  • Doctor Notes
  • Specimen Diagnosis
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Pathology Consultation Notes
  • Operative Reports
  • Clinical Record

Further, there are various companies which offer a free trial to help you understand and test the services before availing.

Choosing the third-party pathology medical transcription provider

In case you don’t want to have an internal resource to take care of your medical transcription services, you can hire the third-party that can provide a great deal of assistance. Make sure that you look at the following factors while choosing the transcription provider:

  1. Cost: Be sure you understand the cost model that is spelt out in the contract before you sign it.
  2. Turnaround Time: Most transcription service providers have a turnaround time of nearly 24 hours. However, some documents can be completed in a short-interval. In any case, if a company’s turnaround time exceeds 24 hours in standard documentation, it’s the time to look for another service provider.
  3. Certified Transcriptionists: Make sure the company employs certified medical transcriptionists who are backed with years of experience.

A Quick look at some of the pathology transcription services that you can avail:

  • Anatomical Pathology
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Forensic Pathology
  • Molecular Pathology
  • Transfusion Pathology

The medical field is a tricky area where there is no scope for errors. Therefore, it is in your interest to avail pathology transcription services and give complete satisfaction to your patients.

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April 23, 2016

How EMRs have revolutionised the Medical Sector?

Health software in the internet world has already brought tremendous changes in the healthcare sector. The best part is that it shows no signs of stopping. With the introduction of specialised electronic medical records (EMRs) technology, healthcare professionals and hospitals have complete access to patient records. But EMR technology is far more than convenience only. In fact, it has revolutionised the medical sector. Here are a few changes it has brought in the healthcare segment:

Easy and quick access to data makes it easy to treat patients

EMR has changed the way healthcare providers’ aggregate patient’s details. As medical professionals have migrated from traditional system to new digital ones, two factors have changed the way patient’s data is handled. The first benefit is that records are now centrally located and therefore, there is less chance of their misplacing. The second is that due to the aggregate availability of patient’s data, there are a fewer chances of missing important details by a healthcare professional. A well-created medical record can help doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to give better treatment to patients.

The interoperability that is offered by EHRs has also helped in improving the patient care outcomes. When someone is allegoric to certain medicines, for example, this information is collected by primary care doctor and enters into EHR. If god forbid, the patient is brought for emergency care, the attending doctor will have access to this data. It becomes more important if the patient is unconscious.

Time-saving and error-free technique

Due to the implementation of EHRs, the medical workflow is less time consuming as they used to be with paper-based methods. As patient’s healthcare detail is centrally located, it reduces input errors. Also, due to digitalised information, there is a reduction in cost as well. Further, it has expedited the insurance settlement process as well.

Moreover, routine tasks have become easy due to increased automation and the facility of viewing patient’s data on mobile phones. It helps in increasing speed and also boosts productivity, allowing doctors to spend more time with patients.

Better data collection and segregation is creating correct health profiles

Another benefit of this data collection is that it facilitates great collective profiles. While a patient’s data and identity are protected, the collection of non-private information like the prevalence of diseases, affected age-group is now readily available to medical providers. This information can be used in everything from seasonal changes to potential outbreak of ailments. It helps healthcare professionals to make concrete decisions as well as improve predictive processes, like the type of medicines or equipments required in a given period of time. It can help in tackling ailments before they become harmful.

EMRs are assisting in decision-making and treatment

Due to the easy availability of real-time medical information, doctors can know which treatment strategies are useful and which ones are not. In addition, EMRs make it easy for doctors to communicate with each other and devise a suitable treatment process for a patient. There are various medical transcription providers which allow entering medical dictation directly into practice fusion transcription EMR. It helps in making the medical treatment process effective. Further, it also ensures the best medical treatment for a patient.

Medical care is on the go

One of the benefits of technological advancements in the healthcare sector has witnessed with the arrival of EHRs is that it can be easily connected to mobile technology. There are various systems which allow medical professionals to check patient’s information and even contact them 24×7 through their smartphones.

In the end, EMRs have completely transformed the healthcare segment. As a medical professional, you can also enjoy benefits of this technology. To make things easy for you, go with the medical transcription provider who has expertise in handling different EMR systems, like practice fusion transcription.

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