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Surgery Transcription Services
A doctor or a surgeon is often required to perform surgery as a quick fix during emergency situations. These surgeries can be performed in an ambulance, emergency rooms or even accident sites. Surgical notes taken down during these chaotic times can be un-linear and incoherent and may require the assistance of a good surgery transcription services provider to streamline all information.
Eyered are experts at surgery transcription service
Surgery transcription experts at Eyered are not only well versed with the medical terminologies and actual surgical procedures; they also possess the skills of picking up slangs and short forms used by doctors and physicians.
The highlight of our service is quick turnaround time and accuracy. We assure accuracy rate of 99% and response time of 12 hour. All transcribed documents undergo a strict, quality check routine by proof readers and medical experts, which assures quality of our work. We offer the host of surgery transcription service for different field in medical health care facility such as Cardiology, Gynecology, Oncology, Urology, Neurology, Dentistry etc.
Reasonable price point
Our price for all medical transcription service is quite competitive that can help you to achieve cost optimization by 30 to 40 %.