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Rheumatology Transcription Services

A sub-specialty of internal medicine and pediatrics, rheumatology is the branch of medical science that deals with the study and treatment of joint, muscles and ligaments related disorders. People suffering from rheumatic diseases have to undergo rehabilitation or seek treatment for co-existing diseases. Therefore, a rheumatologist’s job is very demanding and they need the backing of a good rheumatology transcription service that can assist them in providing quality treatment and management to their patients.


At Eyered, we pride ourselves of providing prompt and accurate medical transcription service in different domains of health care service including rheumatology transcription. Our team of highly skilled transcriptionists is well versed in language of medicine and understands medical terminologies and slangs used by doctors in their raw recordings and notes. We are experts at rheumatology transcription that deals in arthritis, rheumatic arthritis, orthopedic disorders, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, surgery, lab test reports, back pain, osteoporosis etc.
Having served over 175 healthcare organizations across various locations, we assure 99 percent accuracy with our work. We also have a prompt response time. Just send the raw files of your documents and we will send transcribed files in less than 24 hours. The final draft of all transcribed files goes through a rigorous quality check process, thus assuring quality.
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Through our medical transcription service you can achieve cost optimization of nearly 30 to 40 %.