March 4, 2019

Due to the dynamic and critical nature of the health industry, several hospitals and health care professionals prefer outsourcing medical transcription service to a third party. As per a survey conducted by Black Book nearly 63% of hospitals in the US outsourced transcription service in 2015, which is expected to grow over 70% as the ICD-10 deadline is approaching.

Technological advancement has had a tremendous impact on the ways businesses operate in the world today. Better communication channels and internet technology has facilitated a constant flow of information in a safe and secure manner. This sea of change has impacted the field of medical transcription as well, wherein several hospitals, individual physicians engage transcription service providers such as Eyered for the job.

Although outsourcing medical transcription has been around for a while, several hospitals and care centers are still new to this concept. For the sake of such entities, here are 5 reasons why outsourcing medical transcription online shall prove to be a boon for your healthcare practice.

# Let you focus on Core Competency –Patient Care

Patient care is the core competency as well as priority of any hospital or health care center. Hospitals are a very busy place, with constant flow of patient. There are endless reports, lab results, discharge summary, patient history etc.  Outsourcing the transcription of the paperwork will reduce effort and let you focus on patient handling and aftercare.

# Reduces administrative burden- Accuracy and Quick turnaround time

Managing transcription in-house not only entails hiring of trained transcriptionists for the job, but also taking the onus of accuracy and turnaround time.  On the other hand letting a third party handle your transcription needs will not only reduce administrative burden, it will also assure accuracy and quick delivery of work. Most agencies have a dedicated and highly trained transcriptionists and requisite infrastructure to support the transcription of large volumes of data.

 No need for software upgrade – Reduced IT Cost

Investing in medical transcription software for in-house usage is an expensive proposition. You will need a dedicated IT department up maintain and troubleshoot problems, in addition to the need to constantly upgrade the software. However, outsourcing medical transcription, the IT cost shall be significantly reduced. You no longer need to hire several IT resources, renew annual subscription of software or pay hefty server cost.

 Improves efficiency and workflow – Higher Accessibility & Distribution

One of the best outcomes of outsourcing medical transcription online is that it will improve efficiency and assist in patient care.  Since all transcribed data are transmitted digitally, hospital staff or individual physicians can access all information regarding their patient via a simple log-in.  The interface of such web-based applications is extremely user-friendly where you can view, search, edit and print reports within no time.  This increases efficiency and workflow and even allow accessibility and distribution of medical reports, lab results etc.

 Compliances – Meets HIPAA Requirement

Every transcription agency offers their service keeping in mind the HIPAA compliance.  All files are handled in such a manner that makes access to unauthorized data impossible. Patient data is handled with utmost care and can only be accessed with approved and secured key.

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