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Plastic Surgery Transcription Services

According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPA) statistical report, 15.6 million plastic surgical procedures were conducted in 2014 in the US, an increase by 3 % from the previous year. Plastic surgery involves either alteration or restoration of any body part. Most patients visit a plastic surgeon for primarily two reasons; first, if they are not happy about their appearance and want to change it through a cosmetic/surgical procedure and second if they have incurred a major injury or accident that has caused severe mutilation or damage to a body part.
Whatever might be the reason, plastic surgeon across the United States are very busy with consultations appointments and surgical procedures to attend. Besides the actual surgery, the surgeon also required to monitor the recovery of their patients, an important component of after care. All this entails a lot of paper work that includes surgical notes and notes taken down during follow-up visits. A proper filing and structuring of all this data is relevant for the maintenance of medical records, which is why plastic surgeons seek dedicated plastic surgery transcription service.


Eyered has been in the business of providing medical transcription service to a plastic surgeon, individual physicians, and hospitals since 1999. We have a state of the art infrastructure with nearly 300 medical transcriptionists who approximately transcribe 2.5 million lines per month.
Our specialists in plastic surgery transcription have a keen understanding of different plastic surgical procedures and the medical transcription process. We also assure confidentiality and careful handling of patient data. We strictly adhere to HIPPA compliance and offer a safe and secured digital recorder to help you send all files for transcription. Upon receiving these files, our transcriptionist transcribes the files and sends it for quality check, before the file is securely sent back to the provider in an encrypted format.
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Through our plastic surgery transcription assistance, you can achieve cost optimization by nearly 60%. To assess the quality of our work, ask for a 7-day free trial offer.