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Pathology Transcription Services

Studying diseases and determining the exact causes and effects they have on people is an endless job. But then there are the notes, reports and other data that always seems to be stacking up as a result.
Keeping track of all these is an immense burden to you and your work. With the help of pathology transcription services like Eyered, all data is transcribed into a digital format that can be easily accessed through computers, mobile phones and tablets.


Eyered is a leader in the medical transcription field. For the past 15 years, countless medical professionals across the United States have entrusted us to handle various pathology transcription jobs. We can handle any medical record such as consultation notes, letters, memos, forensic pathology reports, laboratory notes, specimen diagnosis and description, biopsy reports, surgical notes and tissue analysis reports.
Turnover is quick. You can expect your pathology transcription to be completed in less than 12 hours and handled in a HIPAA compliant manner. After all, the privacy of patient information is of our foremost concerns.
Getting Started with Pathology Transcriptions
If you have an audio file you want transcribed, send it to us through email, FTP or any EMR system. Audio files can be created with a digital audio recorder, smart phone or even our toll-free telephone dictation system.

Our professionals work with both urgency and care to get your pathology transcription done. Once the transcription is completed, our talented quality control specialists will scrutinize every detail of the work to correct any errors. The finished digital transcription is sent to you securely at the start of your next workday. We hold a 99 percent accuracy rate and never miss a deadline.
Pathology is complex, and keepings records of everything can be a mind-boggling task. Let Eyered’s pathology transcription service sort out the details for you.