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Oncology Transcription Services

Oncology is about more than making diagnoses and saving lives. It’s all about defeating a category of disease that has violently waged war against humanity. Treating patients who have, or may have cancer is a tough job, which is why all the other work should be left to someone else.

Eyered oncology transcription is here to lighten the load. Turn your research files, studies, experiment notes and lab work over to us for a quick, coherent and well-organized digital text. We may not know much about treating cancer, but we can say with certainty that translating your audio files into words is what we do best.


Eyered provides accurate and high-quality oncology transcription services to clients located in United States. Businesses, individuals and companies have trusted our work for over 15 years. Our transcription facility in India has about 250 dedicated transcriptionists working to deliver fast and high-quality work. We’ve got excellent quality control specialists on standby to ensure that our output is up to global standards. And we like to think our 99 percent accuracy rate speaks to that.

Teleconference calls, research recordings—any form of audio file that you produce—are part of our job. We treat all medical info in a HIPAA compliant manner while making sure that your transcription is of a top-notch quality.
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Once we receive your material our team of talented transcriptionists works tirelessly through each line. Once they’re finished the work is sent to our quality control team to proof for accuracy. The completed work is then sent to you by the following morning, a mere 12 hours after the initial order.