Medical transcription solutions- Weighing the Pros and Cons

December 19, 2018

Medical transcription today is one of the most sought-after services and the demand for such services is at an all-time high. With the ratio of patient to doctors increasing over the years, and hospitals having to cope with a number of issues; hospitals are finding it much better to hire medical transcription solutions providers than going at it all by themselves. We at Eyered, are one of the industry leaders in transcription services and today we are going to explain the pros and cons of hiring a service like ours to having your own in-house team of transcriptionists.

Hiring is the Biggest Issue

Say you have an in-house team of transcriptionists and one of them decides to leave. It’s obvious that you are going to have to find a replacement; however, it’s often very difficult to immediately find a replacement since finding a good transcriptionist is difficult and it takes time. Now compare this to a professionally managed medical transcription service provider and you don’t have to ever worry about anyone quitting or finding a replacement.

Staff Going on Holiday

Everyone needs a break at some point in time and so will your team. Moreover, you will need to give them the statutory pay as legislated in your jurisdiction even if they are obviously not going to work during this period. Compare this to outsourcing and you don’t have to worry about stuff going on leave and you have to bear the costs.

Slow Periods Vs Busy Periods

Eventually, you will have to deal with either slow or busy periods and they are both going to prove difficult. This is because during slow periods the pay remains the same for the employee and this will result in increased costs. Busy periods will result in a high volume of work putting additional pressure on your staff; thereby likely resulting in a backlog.

When you outsource your requirement, no matter whether it’s a slow period or a busy period, you will only pay for the amount of work that gets done. Moreover, since industry leading transcription providers are solely dedicated to this craft, your work will not delay in times when additional workload pours in since they are well-equipped to handle such contingencies.

Editing and Backing up Documents

All the editing happens on-site when you have an in-house team and this can give a certain level of control on the final output; however, it’s time-consuming and can result in backlogs if repeated edits are required during busy periods. Moreover, you will need to invest in additional infrastructure to backup documents resulting in increased overhead costs. When you outsource, the editing happens off-site; however, the quality doesn’t suffer as it’s done according to your specifications. Moreover, you don’t need to invest in additional infrastructure to backup documents as it’s taken care by the firm handling your transcription.

If we look at it, the pros of outsourcing your requirements heavily outweigh that of having an in-house team of transcriptionists. Moreover, if you look at it, the overall savings over the years will be exponential since you will only be paying for the work that gets done. Medical transcription solutions help you not only save money but also offer competitive services that have a quick turnaround time and the quality is always at par with your expectations.

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