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March 4, 2019

Still searching for a company to take care of your transcription needs? Or maybe you still can’t quite decide what company to choose? Look no further. At Eyered Transcription, we know what you need in a medical transcription service provider. We’ve got you covered.


We know business is fundamentally about satisfying your patient’s needs. That means providing them with topnotch medical consultation and treatment services. However, if you run your own medical practice or a part of hospital staff and there simply aren’t enough hands on board—some on leave, some might have come down with the flu—you’ll need help. Instead of doing your own transcription, why not consider sending that task over to us? Given our experienced and talented team, we’ll gladly take over the work for you. At Eyered Transcription, you can count on us to provide you with accurate results.


We’ve been in the business since 1999. Over the years, we’ve worked with doctors, hospitals, along with other reputable healthcare organizations not only in the U.S. but also across Canada as well as Australia. This has allowed us to gain a unique insight into the industry: how it works, the most effective way to produce results, among other things. Our team of 300 medical transcribers and quality analysts are all experienced and trained to deliver the best work they can. If you want a medical transcription service provider that has valuable industry experience in spades, Eyered Transcription makes for a fine choice.

Fewer Delays

Switching from one editor to another often causes delays and downtime. It’s a necessary drain on productivity, though, since our editors need to familiarize themselves with your data, your business, to ensure they do the job right. However, we understand that in business, delays cost money. Delays don’t make our clients happy. To reduce those delays, we assign your work to the same team of transcriber and editor. This ensures continuity as well as less downtime so you’re able to meet your deadlines. Giving you the same people to work with also helps build familiarity so it’s easy to catch an error or two in the product. At Eyered Transcription, we make it easy for you to run your business.

Fast Delivery

Have work that requires tight turn-around schedules? We have 24-hour turn-around schedule that allows you to get results you need faster. Want it faster? Tell us and we’ll find a way to adjust the timetable and accommodate your request for an extra charge. We’re determined to provide you with an exceptional experience. That means trying our hardest to ensure we get you everything you need.


Who would’ve thought talk and text would die out and mobile Internet succeed? More people these days use their smartphones to access the Internet and do a lot of things online: shop, browse, read or communicate. Why does that matter to us? Our priority is always to understand our customers. That’s why, after finding out how much of our target market use their smartphones for their online activities, we put our heads together and came up with a free app. Download it right into your smartphone and you can handily transfer the dictations you need us to work on directly onto our servers. Yes, all via an app, one that comes free of charge. This is because we understand where the trend and the latest technologies are headed and we want to make sure you and your business aren’t left behind. At Eyered Transcription, we believe in connecting with our clients—like you—on the communication channels and platforms that matter to you. So let us get started on those orders—by downloading the app. It works with both android and apple smartphones too.


Businesses that learn how to take advantage of newer and more emergent technologies fare better. That technical expertise gives them an excellent competitive edge over the rest in the market. That’s the advantage we bring to our clients as well. At Eyered Transcription, we train our staff to work with the best technologies and tools available out there. And that includes training them in the use of different CRMs, platforms, and tools.

Cost Savings

Finally, we also offer you tremendous cost savings. Don’t want to hire someone full time for the transcription services? Or maybe some of your staff were simply called out or come down with the flu and you haven’t got anyone else qualified to take up the slack? Instead of hiring more full-time staff that could shrink your bottom line, rely on outsourcing companies like Eyered Transcription to help you get the job done and only at a fraction of the cost you normally would’ve set aside for the same service if done by local medical transcription service providers.


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