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    legal transcription

    Legal Transcription Services

    Audio records can be pain to handle. Physical media like tapes and CDs can be difficult to store, easily get lost and can be quite fragile, too. A single deep scratch in a CD, for example, could make the audio records stored within inaccessible. If you need a certain portion of an audio recording, highlights of a meeting for example, then you’ll have to listen to all the audio to determine which parts are necessary. This can be a tiresome and time-consuming process for many
    We transcribe your files into a digital format, which can then be loaded into different devices such as tablets and computers. Just think, wouldn’t it be nice having all the extra space and be able to find things in an easier manner? Never have to sift through stacks of audiotapes and documents ever again with Eyered’s industry-leading legal transcription services.


    Eyered offers high-quality and accurate legal transcription services to clients across the United States. Countless professionals have trusted our legal transcription projects for the past 15 years.
    Our transcriptionists are trained to handle any legal transcription work you can think of, and are well versed in various legal terminologies. We also have excellent quality control specialists on standby who help to ensure our 99 percent transcription accuracy rate.
    Our legal transcription services cover audio recording from depositions, interviews and court proceedings. We can also handle other recordings such as meetings, phone calls and teleconferences.
    ssigning Legal Transcription Projects is Easy
    Sending audio files is easy. They can be collected through digital voice recorders, your smartphone or through our toll-free telephone dictation system. These recordings can then be sent through email, file transfer protocols (FTP) or electronic medical record (EMR) systems.
    After our talented transcriptionists and detail-oriented quality control specialists have reviewed your order, it will be sent to you immediately, always within a 12-hour window.
    Whether you’re part of a large law firm or an individual lawyer, your practice can benefit greatly by making use of Eyered’s legal transcription services