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    interview transcription
    Interview Transcription Services
    Interviews are an essential component of many industries today such as the medical and legal fields. Health professionals may keep extensive notes and recordings of consultations, medical histories and treatment summaries. Those in the legal industry may keep recordings of client meetings, depositions and court proceedings. But whatever the case, professionals in both fields share one common gripe: it’s a pain to store, maintain and keep track of all these records. In fact, it’s the worst part about their jobs.
    Fortunately, interview transcription services offered by Eyered can take all those problems away, allowing you to concentrate on the more important aspects of your work. Turn your audio files into a digital format you can easily access from computers, smartphones and tablets.
    Eyered: Your Interview Transcription Solution
    Eyered has been a leader in the transcription business for the past 15 years. We have a dedicated facility in India with over 250 transcription professionals ready to work on your voice recordings. Our superb quality control specialists ensure that transcription work is perfect before turning it back over to you. Few companies can equal the quality and dedication of our interview transcription services, as evident by our 99 percent accuracy rate, which is the highest in the transcription industry.
    Getting Started is Simple
    Getting started with Eyered’s interview transcription is easy. Just send us your audio files via FTP or email so we can begin the transcription process. Medical professional also have the option of using an electronic medical record system to send and receive files. Once everything is up to our standards, the digital files will be transferred back to you securely. All in all, the whole process takes less than 12 hours.
    Keeping and maintaining extensive interview records shouldn’t be the cause of stress in your job. With Eyered’s interview transcription services, life will be a lot easier.