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    insurance transcription

    Insurance Transcription Services

    Documentation of reference material is a top priority for all insurance companies. While reporting loss of property or theft, claimants are required to record their statements. These raw files are important piece of evidence in the court of law and must be handled with care. For the very same reasons, insurance agencies often hire professional insurance transcription service providers to transcribe raw data into formidable evidence. A third party transcription service also let insurance agencies to optimize resources, focus on core competency and reduce cost.

    Eyered offers quality insurance transcription service

    Eyered provides large and small insurance firms with quick and accurate insurance transcription service. Based out in India, our clients in United States get a ten hour lead due to the time difference. We provide overnight service that allows you to generate real time reports ensuing both efficiency and productivity.
    We offer high quality transcription for large volumes of reports. Your insurance company can rely on us for every sort of insurance transcription including summary reports, case notes, record statements, claim statements etc. Our experts are well-versed at analyzing information verbatim with utmost dexterity and focus. We also have a team of insurance specialists who quality checks all transcribed data before sending them to you. All documents pertaining to insurance carriers, third party administrators and independent adjustors are all transcribed as per our clients’ format and requirements.
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    Cost efficiency is the corner stone of our service. Our rates are low that can help you cut down your operational cost by 30 to 40%. We offer a free seven day trial to help you make an informed decision.