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Hematology Transcription Services
To analyze the source or etiology of a disease, the study of blood vessels also known as hematology is extremely important. For preventive medicine, a hematologist has to go through a number of lab reports and emergency room notes for diagnosis and treatment of a disease. They have to reach out to oncologists, lab technicians and medical technologists for varied reports and lab results to understand the plausible reason for a disease.

The inflow of so many reports and data means that hematology labs must check with hematology transcription service providers. A professional hematology transcriptionist is an expert who is well versed terminologies specific to hematology. They have professional ability to follow both verbal and audio instructions and can produce medical documents that can be effectively used in all forms of preventive and diagnostic medicine.
Eyered Guarantees Cost-Effective & High Quality Hematology Transcription Service
Established in 1999, Eyered has been offering medical transcription services for different branches of medical science, including hematology transcription. High quality transcription at a competitive price-point is key points of our service. Our service in hematology transcription includes documentation of lab reports, urine analysis, bone marrow, platelet report, CBC reports, hemoglobin report etc.
We have a team of around 300 medical transcriptionists, who effectively handle 2.5 million lines in a month. Quick turnaround is yet another corner stone of our service. We respond within 12 hours of you sending raw files or documents with an accuracy rate of 99percent.
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We insist all our prospective clients to try out our 7 days free trial, without the commitment of a specific minimum order. We have a multiple diction option that will allow you to send us raw files in any format namely voice recordings via email, FTP or electronic medical record systems like Practice Fusion.