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Genetics Transcription Services

It would be an understatement to say that details matter to you. After all, when you’re working with various arrangements of four important letters—A, T, C, G—all day without the option of getting it wrong, your attentiveness speaks for itself.
In a way, Eyered’s genetic room transcription services are similar to the work done by molecular biologists (just kidding). But in all seriousness, we work at the micro level to transform captured audio into a clean digitized text format, sifting through hours and hours of recordings to come up with the clearest string of words possible.
Whether it’s your field notes, lab research modules or administrative paperwork—we’re on it. Our genetics room transcription services are the most precise and thorough in the industry.


Accuracy, precision and quality work define our 15 years in the business. Professionals and businesses from USA can attest to our commitment in delivering audio transcription projects to exact standards.
We have an expert team of specialized transcriptionists working on a variety of medical transcription projects. We’ll transform your genetics room information, teleconference notes, meeting minutes and lab documentation within 12-hours.
Work with Eyered is Easy
Working with Eyered is a fresh breath of air compared to dealing with other transcription agencies. After you make your recording, simply send us the audio file via email, file transfer protocol or electronic medical record system. Don’t have a recorder? You can also use your smartphone to record a clip, or dictate it directly by telephone through our toll-free number
Eyered is your best choice when it comes to genetics room transcription services. But don’t just take our word for it – get your free trial now.