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June 20, 2016

Significance and Benefits of Hiring a Medical Transcription Company

A medical transcription company has efficient and skilled people and resources to provide superior quality medical transcription services to healthcare industry such as individual physicians, medical practices, hospitals and other medical organizations.

When you hire an in-house transcription team, you need to manage everything on your own including people, resources, HIPAA compliance, technology, administration, turnaround time and other activities, apart from handling core business activities. When you are not specifically into medical transcription, outsourcing transcription services to a medical transcription company is a viable option as it makes things immensely efficient, rapid and convenient. More and more hospitals and healthcare centres in the U.S, Canada and Australia are increasingly outsourcing medical transcription work to offshore locations.

Lower Prices and lowest investment

One of the main advantages of outsourcing medical transcription services to offshore locations is that services are offered at highly competitive rates as compared to the industry standards prevalent in the U.S, UK and other developed countries. Hence, you will get per line rate, direct labour cost, administration cost and annual maintenance costs for maintenance of digital and transcription equipment at much lower prices than in developed countries. Also, running a full-fledged medical transcription require investment in high end dictation equipment as well as state-of-the-art software for transmission, downloading, typing and submitting dictations. When you outsource medical transcription to a medical transcription company, it saves you from blocking unnecessary capital in medical transcription resources.

Superior quality records

Transcription companies have expert transcription staff as well as administration staff to provide comprehensive solutions to the client from the beginning till the end. Also, these companies have substantial experience in working on an array of medical records like operative note, discharge summery, progress note, emergency room procedure etc. With their extensive experience in providing superior records of high accuracy, medical practitioners can rely on the quality of the services offered by them.

Faster turnaround

As there is time zone difference between developed and developing countries, it works in the favour of health care service providers in developed nations like United States, Australia etc. Medical transcriptionist download, transcribe and transmit records overnight for access by health practitioners in the U.S. It assures fastest turnaround time in the industry

Accuracy and security

Hiring a reputed medical transcription company assures that medical transcription is adhere to globally standardized, HIPAA compliant. In order to assures superior quality and accurate transcription services, medical transcription go through stringent multi-level QA procedures including editing, proof reading and reviewing completed records.

Unaffected by high attrition rates

High attrition rate is one of the major attrition of medical transcription services. The medical transcription services sector in the U.S., and anywhere else in the world, are characterized by high attrition rates. One of the benefits of outsourcing medical transcription processes is that hospitals remain unaffected by high employee turnover levels.

A medical transcription company makes it easy, fast, efficient and cheaper for medical practitioners to get transcription completed with high accuracy without any hassle.


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June 19, 2016

Know the Traits of the Best Medical Transcription Providers

Medical transcription is an imperative part of the medical field where there is no scope for errors. With various companies coming up in the transcription sector, it is even daunting for medical practitioners to find out a trusted solution. Certain traits are inevitable if you want a trusted medical transcription provider. Let’s have a look at some of the traits of the best medical transcription provider:

1.Should maintain confidentiality

The personal information of patients should be kept confidential between the medical transcription provider and medical practitioner. It is necessary for a medical transcription provider to give safe services without violation of confidentiality norms. The best way to check the past record of a company in maintaining confidentiality is to do a reference check with its previous clients.

2.Should be efficient

A medical transcription provider offers accurate services with quick turnaround time. There are companies offering online medical transcription services with the turnaround time of 24 hours. The efficiency of such companies majorly depends on the frequency of errors and turnaround time. Lesser the number of errors, the faster would turnaround time and better would be efficiency.

3.Should be equipped with the latest technology

The technology using by transcription service providers for recording dictation and storing documents, define their level of quality. For instance, if the company is offering you online medical transcription services and using latest speed recognition methods, it becomes easy for it to curtail the frequency of errors in converting voice dictations into text.

4.Should offer viable online document management

A healthcare professional prefers getting the services from a reputed transcription provider for a long duration. In such a case, the transcription provider would end up accumulating a pile of documents which may not be easy to manage physically. Those transcription companies which have made a shift to online document management make it easy to search and extract information in a short time. The online medical transcription services quicken the process.

5.Should give free trials of their transcription services

Relying on others for transcription work is not easy and therefore, free trials can be of great help. Such medical transcription providers should offer free trials of their services to their prospective clients. For instance, Eyered, a leading medical transcription provider, gives a free 7-day, no obligation trial of services.


7.Should work in accordance to global quality norms

An eminent medical transcription provider works in accordance to global standards when it comes to monitoring and storing patient’s personal data. A medical transcription provider that conforms to these guidelines should be your choice.

8.Should be available for queries

Recording doctor’s dictation is not enough. A medical transcription provider should be available on a toll-free number to address queries and note down changes, if required. In many cases, email correspondence may not be the solution.

9.Should maintain openness in billing

The final price of transcription services play a major role in choosing between companies providing the same qualitative services. It is advised for medical transcription providers to maintain transparency in billing that should be free from hidden charges. Moreover, the best medical transcription provider doesn’t put any restrictions, like minimum volume of transaction limit, etc; on their clients.

10.Should give reliable dictation and transcription services

Varying from telephonic dictation to digital voice recording, a reputed medical transcription company offers different services to make their clients feel comfortable. The best medical transcription services provider should deliver encrypted files via email or post directly on the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system of clients, as per the need.

Customised service is the requirement of the hour, and the medical transcription provider also looks for the same. The services in this field should not only be accurate and reliable but customer-friendly at the same time.

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April 23, 2016

How EMRs have revolutionised the Medical Sector?

Health software in the internet world has already brought tremendous changes in the healthcare sector. The best part is that it shows no signs of stopping. With the introduction of specialised electronic medical records (EMRs) technology, healthcare professionals and hospitals have complete access to patient records. But EMR technology is far more than convenience only. In fact, it has revolutionised the medical sector. Here are a few changes it has brought in the healthcare segment:

Easy and quick access to data makes it easy to treat patients

EMR has changed the way healthcare providers’ aggregate patient’s details. As medical professionals have migrated from traditional system to new digital ones, two factors have changed the way patient’s data is handled. The first benefit is that records are now centrally located and therefore, there is less chance of their misplacing. The second is that due to the aggregate availability of patient’s data, there are a fewer chances of missing important details by a healthcare professional. A well-created medical record can help doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to give better treatment to patients.

The interoperability that is offered by EHRs has also helped in improving the patient care outcomes. When someone is allegoric to certain medicines, for example, this information is collected by primary care doctor and enters into EHR. If god forbid, the patient is brought for emergency care, the attending doctor will have access to this data. It becomes more important if the patient is unconscious.

Time-saving and error-free technique

Due to the implementation of EHRs, the medical workflow is less time consuming as they used to be with paper-based methods. As patient’s healthcare detail is centrally located, it reduces input errors. Also, due to digitalised information, there is a reduction in cost as well. Further, it has expedited the insurance settlement process as well.

Moreover, routine tasks have become easy due to increased automation and the facility of viewing patient’s data on mobile phones. It helps in increasing speed and also boosts productivity, allowing doctors to spend more time with patients.

Better data collection and segregation is creating correct health profiles

Another benefit of this data collection is that it facilitates great collective profiles. While a patient’s data and identity are protected, the collection of non-private information like the prevalence of diseases, affected age-group is now readily available to medical providers. This information can be used in everything from seasonal changes to potential outbreak of ailments. It helps healthcare professionals to make concrete decisions as well as improve predictive processes, like the type of medicines or equipments required in a given period of time. It can help in tackling ailments before they become harmful.

EMRs are assisting in decision-making and treatment

Due to the easy availability of real-time medical information, doctors can know which treatment strategies are useful and which ones are not. In addition, EMRs make it easy for doctors to communicate with each other and devise a suitable treatment process for a patient. There are various medical transcription providers which allow entering medical dictation directly into practice fusion transcription EMR. It helps in making the medical treatment process effective. Further, it also ensures the best medical treatment for a patient.

Medical care is on the go

One of the benefits of technological advancements in the healthcare sector has witnessed with the arrival of EHRs is that it can be easily connected to mobile technology. There are various systems which allow medical professionals to check patient’s information and even contact them 24×7 through their smartphones.

In the end, EMRs have completely transformed the healthcare segment. As a medical professional, you can also enjoy benefits of this technology. To make things easy for you, go with the medical transcription provider who has expertise in handling different EMR systems, like practice fusion transcription.

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