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Advanced Medical Transcription – How Outsourcing Ensures Savings

With increasing compliances and laws the healthcare industry has to deal with today, and along with increasing demand for their core services physicians have very little time left to handle medical transcription. Hence rather than keeping it in-house many physicians are opting for outsourcing their records to advanced medical transcription services which helps them avoid managing the staff involved in transcriptions, records, turnaround time, HIPAA compliance, technology, maintenance of equipment,...

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Benefitting from certified medical transcription services

There used to be a time when medical office and hospitals only relied on paperwork to store a patient’s treatment and data. There was a great room for error with the chance of illegible handwriting incorrectly read by the nurses, billing staff and insurance companies leading to very costly mistakes. Due to medical transcription services and electronic filing, medical documentation has evolved drastically; making it to a large extent very easy...

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Acquiring Medical Transcription Services Online

With many healthcare centers and hospitals preferring to outsource their transcription services to professionals; many may also consider online medical transcription services. How does it work? Doctors are provided with 24/7 secure online access and generally, the systems are set up for free along with free training and easy-to-use materials. Certain companies provide a dedicated account manager who can provide continuous support to help procure the most advantageous experience with skilled transcriptionists...

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The Role of Medical Transcription in EHR Implementation

ED or emergency department visit is on the rise in the US.  Health experts attribute this change to health reforms, in particular, the Affordable Health Act that stands for universal health coverage, enabling average Americans to seek health care facility.  As per a whitepaper titled “Physician’s Guide to Achieving Excellence in the ED” the following changes in the emergency department across the United States have come to light: Nearly 124...

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Methodical Consideration for Interview Transcription in Qualitative Research

Interview transcription is an integral component of several qualitative research studies. While the role of transcription is not seen beyond “a behind-the-scenes task”, it is without a doubt a powerful act of representation.  Although transcription can be carried out in varied forms, there is further need for methodical consideration which is often guided by the core value and goal of the research itself. Typically, transcription is performed under the purview of naturalized transcription...

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How to Reduce Errors in Medical Transcription

The precursor to patient safety and quality health care service is accurately transcribed medical documents. Medical transcription reports represent a case history of patients, diagnosis, etymology, and treatment. These are extremely valid documents and are even used by patients for the insurance claim. Considering the critical nature of the documents, hospitals and physicians cannot afford any error with medical transcription data. As per a report, Medical error in Australia costs over $...

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Reasons why Outsourcing Medical Transcription is a Good Decision

Due to the dynamic and critical nature of the health industry, several hospitals and health care professionals prefer outsourcing medical transcription service to a third party. As per a survey conducted by Black Book nearly 63% of hospitals in the US outsourced transcription service in 2015, which is expected to grow over 70% as the ICD-10 deadline is approaching. Technological advancement has had a tremendous impact on the ways businesses operate in the...

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The Need for Advanced Medical Transcription

Over the years, the need for advanced medical transcription has grown by leaps and bounds; this is due to the fact that hospitals and emergency service providers are often short of staff and need to dedicate as many people as possible to care of for the sick. Therefore, often the best way forward is to outsource transcription requirements to an agency which is not only well-equipped but is dedicated solely...

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Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services will be Beneficial or Not?

Apart from ICD-10, shorter deadlines; the influx of data, stricter regulations, and tighter budgets are all propelling the medical industry through a plethora of changes. All of these changes have left physicians with little or no time on hand to handle medical transcription needs in-house; especially with the hassles involved in finding the right people to handle transcriptions. ...