December 12, 2019

Gastroenterology Transcription Services and Solutions

As the name suggests, Gastroenterology is a special branch in medicine that deals with the digestive system and all its functionings that affect the human body. All the Physicians practicing in this field are known as gastroenterologists. Broadly speaking, gastroenterologists deals with any kind of disease related to the stomach, intestines, and esophagus; along with hepatology, which involves the study of liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. All of the disorders related to the above-mentioned organs requires distinctive study and research as well as too much of the physicians’ time.

All the notes taken, patient history, daily progress charts, and all the other small to big details of a gastroenterologist’s daily practice is essential to be documented. These documents do not help the clinics or medical institutes to keep the records but also help future medical students. These records help the medical students and professionals all around the world to understand whatever can happen with a human body and what and what cant be done in each case.

What is generally included in the gastroenterologist’s daily documentations?

In order to diagnose a gastrointestinal ailment, the physician takes down extensive notes and medical history of the patient. Then there are lab tests reports, procedural and surgical reports, etc.

Who helps the gastroenterologists in keeping these records documented and with accurate details?

As it is obvious that a gastroenterologist does not have time to take care of their patients and at the same time document everything they do. It becomes very important for them to audio record every appointment, every surgery, and every other interaction they have with the patients. These voice records can later be transcribed by an experienced medical transcriptionist.

Gastroenterology Transcription Services and Solutions

There are so many ways a gastroenterologist can get all their audio records to be documented. One of them is to hire a new staff dedicated only to the transcription work. A person who is from medical background or have a good experience of working for or volunteering in medical work. This solution can be expensive for the medical organizations with all the payrolls and allowance for a new staff.

However, there is another much affordable yet more reliable solution for gastroenterology transcription. That is outsourcing the transcription work. There are many medical transcriptions available online whom you can rely on and who will do the work at much reasonable prices. These dedicated Gastroenterology Transcription Services boasts resources and agents with good experience in the industry. They offer the most accurate medical transcriptions at prices as low as 7 cents per sentence. Many of these gastroenterology transcription services such as Eyered Transcription also work in compliance with HIPAA. They ensure that all medical norms are being followed while their agents do the transcription work.

How it works?

To get your Gastroenterology Transcription done, you just need to visit Sign up on the website and order your first transcription. Once you logged in, you will be asked to share your files on the secure server. You can also simply call our toll-free number, in case you do not have any recording device at the moment, and can directly talk on the phone. The recording will be saved directly on our servers.

Once we receive the voice files, our experienced agents start transcribing the files and share the final drafts with our quality control team. Where all the documents get re-checked for the grammatical errors and medical terminologies. The final copy will then be sent to you through the secure servers.

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November 26, 2019

The Advantages Of Cardiology Transcription Services

Cardiology Transcription Services are becoming one of the basic requirements of any cardiology clinic or medical organization. These services help such organizations in saving a lot of time and money while providing reliable documentation. 

However, outsourcing these transcription services can have so many advantages that can help in one’s clinic or medical organization’s overall growth. Here are a few points concrete the fact:

Advantages of Cardiology Transcription

1:- Easy Charting

The cardiology transcription allows the cardiologists and the medical entities to focus on patients’ well being. They do not have to worry about simultaneously logging in each of the important steps they take. Also, the era of smartphones has made this process much easier for the medical professional to easily record every detail while smoothly go on with their routines. Transcription services make charting and creating patient records much easier for clinics and hospitals. The doctors now just have to provide the service providers with clear voice records and can receive accurate documentation in no time.

2:-Accurate Documenting

The over and hardworking doctors and nurses at a hospital might not be able to create the documents as accurately as they are supposed to. There are chances that while re-writing a doctor’s handwritten note the staff members will not succeed in deciphering the words and end up making errorful of documents. On the other hand, the transcription services make sure that each and every audio file is transcribed accurately. They also recheck the final document so that there are no grammatical error and the documents are in compliance with HIPAA.

3:- Saves Time and Money

What do you think should be more time-consuming allotting the documentation task to your otherwise busy staff members or outsourcing? Of course, outsourcing saves a lot of your time as well as promises accuracy and fastest delivery.

Another great thing about the cardiology transcription services is it saves you the trouble of hiring another staff. Hiring a new staff just for transcription might be absurd as it comes with payrolls and other expenses. While the same job is being done in no time and at almost negligible cost.

4:- Fast Turnaround Time

Unlike hiring new staff and give one guy a lot of rewriting tasks, a medical organization simply can outsource the whole thing. The difference will be the job one guy does in 4 days, the cardiology transcription services will finish within 24 hours. The simple math behind this is, the transcription service providers work with a large team of experienced and knowledgeable agents. All of these agents work together on the piles of audio records which reduce the turnaround time and give the service providers enough time to send the documentation for quality checks. Therefore, the end result of hiring a cardiology transcription service provider is; fast, errorfree, accurate, and HIPAA compliance documentation.

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November 6, 2019

Cardiology Transcription Services and Solutions

Eyered Transcription has been working in the field of cardiology transcription for more than 25 years. We boast an enormous amount of experience and a great understanding of the subject. Which enables the Eyered Transcription services to properly help the cardiologists all around the globe.

We are expert in the end-to-end cardiology transcription services. Our process includes; securely storing the voice records provided by the clients (Cardiologists and medical organization for cardiology); accurately transcribing those files while following all the HIPAA regulations; quality control (re-check the documentation for any medical terminology and grammatical errors); securely sharing the final documentation with the clients. We specialize in cardiology transcription for operation records, patients history, and regular consultations, discharge summary, and routine charts.

Cardiology Transcription Solution

Cardiology is one of the most peculiar and crucial practice as it deals with hearts. When doctors are already dealing with intense situations and cases, they do not get time to document every single step they go through during the practices. On the other hand, the field itself has seen so many revolutions and ups and downs which make the documentation of each record, case, and practice much more essential. These documentations help the next batch or say the next generation to prepare the best for whatever comes in their hands.

How We Help Our Clients in Cardiology

Eyered Transcription Solution provides excellent, accurate, rapid transcription services to all medical institutes/organizations. We know the importance of the transcribed documents and that’s why we make sure of the optimum quality of each report.

Here is how it is all work:

  • The clients create accounts on our platform and get access to their personalized dashboards
  • They need to upload the files as a web link, computer file, or a cloud file 
  • They can customize their requirements by selecting from multiple service options and packages.
  • Once they upload the voice files and hit the submit button, they are redirected to the payment page. 
  • They need to make the payment.
  • Then our team starts working on ts magic.

What We Offer for Cardiology Transcription services: 

  • 7 cents per line
  • 12-hour turnaround
  • 99%+ accuracy
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Transcription into EMR/EHR
  • Multiple dictation options

How our knowledgeable and experienced cardiology transcriptionists complete the requested work?

The medical transcription services maintain a secure and error-proof process for completing any cardiology transcription. The process usually includes six steps: 

  1. 1:- Obtaining the cardiology-related voice file on a secure server. These files can have three types: 
    1. Digitally recorded (on phone or other devices) conversations
    2. Direct recordings over calls (through toll-free numbers)
    3. Using any smartphone
  2. 2:- All cardiological dictations are transferred to their servers under the strictest security measures.
  3. 3:- Transcription work starts when the MT receives all the files on their server. They do not only write down each dictation but also grammatically correct the sentences. They make sure the documentation complies with HIPAA regulations.
  4. 4:- Quality Control: when the documentation of the voice files is completed, the cardiology transcript gets passed on to the diligent Quality Control team. They re-check the entire documents for any errors, grammatical or otherwise.
  5. 5:- The final copy of the cardiology transcription then saved on a secure server and later on send to the clients.

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October 1, 2019

How Medical Transcription is Beneficial for your Medical Practice?

Medical personnel knows how overwhelming it can be to keep the records and maintain the files of their everyday activities. As per the medical laws, every medical organization is bound to keep all the records documented. However, for the doctors and other medical professionals, it becomes really hectic to align this task with the other crucial activities.

Traditionally, the hospitals and other medical institutions used to use charts for keeping patient’s history notes and treatment progress. Which the staff, nurses, or insurance company, later on, used to write down for proper documentation. This process was definitely too time-consuming as well as prone to errors. So many times the illegible writings of the doctors used to be incorrectly deciphered by the staff. Such mistakes could and many times did lead to dangerous and costly outcomes.

This is why medical organizations now use voice recorders for keeping the records of all their medical activities. These recordings can be easily transcribed with a high accuracy level of the documentations.

Medical Transcription does not only enhance the quality of the records but also offer many other benefits. Some of which are:

Easy Charting

Recording the day to day medical activities are much better than writing down everything on charts. It is easier for medical organizations to just create the voice files and send them over for MT. Once the recordings are sent to the medical transcriptionists the organizations/doctors can focus on the other important tasks. They receive accurate and high-quality transcription without wasting their own time.

This process has become much easier after the launch of smartphones and handheld digital recorders and toll-free phone dictation. Many transcription services offer the toll-free calling facility where the physicians can directly dictate the notes into the phone. The toll-free lines store these recordings on their secure servers where only the medical transcriptionists can access them. The documentation of these notes can be sent back to the physicians in as little as 24 hours.

Increased Accuracy

A good medical transcription service always makes sure of high-quality and accurate transcription. They offer a full team of knowledgeable transcriptionists who boast years of experience in the medical field and who are very well aware of all the medical norms. All of these transcriptions also go through a final quality check for the removal of any kind of errors.

Doctors/physicians should always make sure that the MT services they hire have such strict quality control process. Some MT services like Eyered work with HIPAA compliance which ensures that all the medical guidelines will be followed.

Saving Time and Efforts

As mentioned above, MT services save a lot of time and efforts of medical personnel. They completely eliminate the hassle of writing down the notes and creating the medical files. The MT services allow doctors, physicians, and nurses to focus on saving human lives.

Outsourcing MT is also a good way to save efforts and time of the staff. Hiring a new staff member for transcription meaning hire cost on payrolls and extra time and efforts on training.

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September 24, 2019

What are Medical Transcriptionists Responsibilities

A good medical transcription means fast and accurate documentation of any medical record. Medical transcriptionists have to take care of many things along with transcribing a voice file. One can not provide the best transcription services until they take care of all the crucial factors of the job. The job gets tougher when one has to transcribe for the health industry. As it involves major health conditions and actual human lives.

One of the many factors that put your medical transcription service ahead of all the other services is the on-time delivery. A transcriptionist needs to be comfortable working at any given time and able to provide the final copies within quick turnaround time.

So what makes a simple transcriptionist a medical transcription expert? What are their responsibilities for this job? Here are the answers to all of your queries:

Primary Responsibility of Medical Transcriptionist
1) The first and most important responsibility is carefully transcribe dictated recordings from the medical professionals

2) Transcribe medical history, physical examination reports, operative reports, routine check charts, consultation reports, autopsy reports, diagnostic imaging studies, progress notes, and referral letters

3) Make sure you use the right terminology as per the medical industry’s norms

4) Make sure to efficiently utilize the speech recognization technology

5) The complete client/patient transcription related procedures, voice files, and data storage, and other documents that you deliver conforms or exceeds every HIPAA regulations. In other words, a transcriptionist has to make sure that each copy of the MT compliances with HIPAA

6)File document in the patient’s file

7) Translate medical jargon and abbreviations

8) Quality check by proofreading the final draft for errors and grammar and making updates as required

9) Store the final copy of the transcription on the secure server or sent it over to the client through a secure mode. Or the final documentation can be uploaded on the client’s EMR/EHR

Few Tips to Create High-Quality Medical Transcription
1) Carefully Listen to the Whole Voice File First
Many transcriptionists make the mistake of not listening to the whole audio first. Many believe that it is a waste of time when transcription can be done while listening word to word. However, the reality is MT can be done more accurately once you have the complete picture in mind. Making it practice will also enhance your writing speed. It is also helpful when you are listening to a completely new accent.

2) Don’t Rush Until you are Sure!
In the field of medical transcription accuracy is everything. You need to follow all the medical laws and documentation guidelines. Many people believe that clients are looking for quick delivery. Which is true only when you are delivering a high quality work. However, if your speed is compromising the accuracy of the MT, it is not worth it. Therefore, always make sure the final copy of the transcription is accurate and has no grammatical errors.

3) Get Habitual of the Lingo
Suppose you are working for a medical organization from a completely different region of the country or that belongs to a different country. What will happen? The first obstacle to come in your work will be the different accents and unique local dialects. You must enhance your listening skills. Especially, for regional English accents and local slangs.

4) Work on your Typing Skills
As the work is all about writing down the content of a voice file, it is quite obvious that you have great typing skills. A good typing practice will help you reduce typos and will improve your speed. In the end, it will help you generate great quality work in much lesser time.

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