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    Cardiology Transcription Services

    As per WHO report cardiovascular disease is responsible for 31% deaths worldwide. Genetic predisposition and lifestyle choices are the two main causes of heart related ailments. It is also happens the most preventable disease and a change in lifestyle and diet can make a big difference.
    A patient visiting a physician with a heart ailment usually undergoes a host of tests. The physician also notes down the case history of the patient which may include allergies to drugs, family history with the disease, present health condition and other data. This means that each information is relevant for management and treatment of the condition. Therefore, for streamlining huge chunk of patient data, health care providers need a reliable cardiology transcription services provider.

    Eyered Offers Accurate And Cost Effective Cardiology Transcription Services

    Eyered provides HIPPA compliant highly accurate cardiology transcription for cardiologists in the United States. Our transcriptionists are trained to transcribe notes of diagnostic procedures such as cardiac catheterizations, electrophysiology, echocardiograms, 24 hour Holter monitor and treadmill tests. They can transcribe medical history and emergency room notes of patients with cardiac problems.
    These cardiology transcription files are carefully edited and rechecked by cardiologists before being transmitted back to the cardiologist and are at least 99% accurate. The quick turnaround time and cheap rates for medical transcription services from India make it an attractive proposition. We do not ask for a minimum contract and offer a free seven day trial of our services.
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    We do not ask for a minimum contract and offer a free seven day trial of our services.